Barbara Hodge
Barbara Hodge is SSON's Global Editor, and has been with the organization since 2000, having joined to launch Shared Services News [remember hard copy magazines?]. She is now responsible for SSON's online portal content, including industry reports, case studies, surveys, interviews, etc – as well as everything else that makes SSON the most trusted space for practitioners from around the world. 
Barbara uses her extensive industry knowledge and connections to provide a unique perspective on the latest trends and developments across the SS&O landscape. She is the voice of, SSON’s online content portal, and she regularly conducts interviews with key industry figures to ensure SSON is a one-stop shop for shared services and outsourcing resources.
Prior to joining SSON, Barbara was Editorial Director at Armstrong Information, a London-based specialist publishing firm, with responsibility for  launch and editorial content management for a number of management journals, including corporate communication, change management and business process reengineering. She started her career with Deutsche Bank Capital Markets in London, back in the days when investment banking seemed the cool place to be.

Phone: +1 904 824 3631

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