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Barbara Hodge, Editor

Barbara Hodge is the online editor for the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network. She has been with SSON for more than 10 years, and hosts online webinars alongside managing web content and guiding the editorial platform for SSON on a daily basis.

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Love is the answer ...  now more than ever.But don't take it from me. Others say it far (FAR) better. Starting with the New Yorker's beloved Cartoonist (I relate to his "ode to a pillow" but have to take exception to chocolate being "American" – come on, Bob!!) Bob Mankoff...Full Article »
How good are you at ‘managing to numbers’? That’s a skill you might need to develop if you want a solid career ahead of you...Full Article »
While it’s true the rigor of robotics removes a lot of process risk, ironically, the more user interface-focused the solution, the greater the exposure to another kind of risk. Make sure you know what's what...Full Article »
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Dear SSON members,Every single one of you are the heart and soul of SSON. In this holidays season, we want to say thank you by sharing some festive cheer.We look forward to sharing more insights and findings with you in 2017!Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!The SSON team...Full Article »
We've had such fun this year – not just in doing Walking Man (#SSOW Europe) and the Mannequin Challenge (#RPA event) but now this incredibly tricky little dance – just to keep you entertained and us connected...Full Article »
My picks of the best articles we posted last year...Full Article »
What factors impact your decisions in choosing your new shared services centre's location? Or adjusting your global footprint? SSON Analytics' new interactive report provides a comparative analysis of natural hazards, social conflicts and economic risks across Shared Services hotspots within APAC.Asia is not losing its attraction for the...Full Article »
Which countries, cities and companies are leading Shared Services recruitment?...Full Article »
Bots are visible, traceable, and secure – so what's missing?...Full Article »
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Do you know your full risk-exposure for natural disasters? US landscape analysis...Full Article »
53 results
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