Human Resources
Contributor: Pedro Moreira
Posted: 02/09/2017
Pedro Moreira
If you have questions around the future of your shared services job, GBS, skill sets, robotics, outsourcing models, global sourcing and more – don't miss this amazing interview with two of the industry's greats! Full Article »
Contributor: Barbara Hodge
Posted: 03/22/2013
It's a global, cross-functional, fast moving world. So, what are the skills a shared services leader needs to be cultivating in current markets? Full Podcast »
Contributor: Mary Sue Rogers
Posted: 02/16/2017
Mary Sue Rogers
Shared Services Centres (SSC) rarely have learning as one of the core delivery processes.  In the SSON January post, I talked about the reasons why learning and development (L&D) is difficult to centralise and therefore why it is challenging to put into an SSC, including outsourcing.  The primary reasons why centralising learning processes Full Column »