6-9 SEPTEMBER, 2016

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The RPA World Series: The World of Robotics Explained

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Over the last two years there has been one acronym that is driving a lot of excitement across the industry: RPA.

Simply put, RPA is about extending process automation to incorporate "swivel chair" capability – but it can do so much more. To explain the ins and outs of this phenomenon, we are delighted to present the RPA World Series 2016:

From a market which was at worst unaware and at best skeptical the SSC market has embraced robotics like a long lost brother. The demand for case studies, business cases, and implementation advice is phenomenal.” Sally Fletcher, SSON Global Head of Events

The RPA World Series will change your game. Everything you need, online – and best of all: it's free.

What kind of questions do you want to ask, but never had the opportunity?

Does one robot replace one FTE? How do you optimize a robot? How do you program a robot to access different systems keeping in mind data security? How do you train  staff to build their own robots? Are you beholden to solution providers? Can you develop your own RPA tools? How trustworthy are the free robotics tools on the internet?

These are the questions you've told us you want answers to. And this is the week for those answers.

Alongside tips on how to select from a broad pool of RPA solutions, we have also invited a starred group of practitioners who have already made a name for themselves in RPA implementation from companies like Bank of Ireland and EMC.


1. Are you ready for RPA?

Learn how to evaluate your process readiness, get the most important internal stakeholders onboard, and gain tips on how to partner with IT for a speedy implementation. 

2. Buy or Build (or Borrow)? Evaluating RPA tools, options and providers

How do you compare different providers? What should you ask them? What, beyond today's needs, should you consider? How do you retain  independence and flexibiity? 

3. How do you prepare for, and roll out, Robotics?

Get first hand advice from corporate Shared Services teams that already have RPA experience – including our 2016 Excellence Award winners, who lead the field in RPA implementation. Ask  questions via our interactive format.

4. Separating "hype" from "reality" 

A lot is being promised by ambitious vendors and a lot is expected from operational leaders under pressure. RPA is just one tool in your toolbox – but it's a good one. Find out exactly what it can and what it can't do. Then use that information to evaluate your business case and tailor a realistic Proof of Concept. If you're not sure how to get started, borrow a roadmap and a template from these sessions! 

See below for some of the sessions. Register now so you won't miss this chance to up your game.

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10:00 AM

Enterprise RPA – a Transformation Platform. What's the Right One for You?

Pat Geary
Kevin Whittingham


There has been a lot of confusion in the marketplace in relation to RPA with some new entrants, and many organizations rebadging existing solutions – all apparently offering the utopian ideal of helping businesses to do more with less.

What's certain is that businesses need to respond and react quicker. Research shows there are many benefits to RPA beside costs and time savings. The right solution can assist in higher compliance, FTE savings, better service quality and happier, more productive employees.

Join us to discuss the different types of RPA, the benefits of each, and the functional and operational requirements of an enterprise-strength RPA capability. You'll also learn about the technical features and functions of RPA technology, and gain tips on which questions to ask vendors to ensure you are picking the right solution for your business.


  1. The different types of RPA solutions and which situations are best for each 
  2. How RPA can be implemented for business advantage
  3. Why RPA enables flexibility in the business while providing data security


Pat Geary, Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Prism

Kevin Whittingham, Product Manager, Blue Prism

12:00 PM

RPA Case Study: 10 Robots, 1 Human and Limitless Opportunity for Growth

Mark Payne


RPA as a "disruption" is starting to have a significant impact on business process outsourcing and shared services models. Low-cost, offshore processing may no longer be the obvious choice for companies looking to reduce back-office processing costs quickly.

Considering that RPA allows a company to maintain more oversight over its process, it's easy to see why it's causing such a stir in the market.

In this webinar, Mark Payne will explain how RPA drives faster processing and lower costs. As an early adopter of several projects in the BPO/shared services space, he will share examples of the types of solutions that can be implemented, the problems that have to be solved on the way, and the benefits.


  • Understand what RPA is and how it offers an alternative to BPO in offshore, low-cost countries
  • Hear real-life examples that demonstrate savings in both cost and processing time
  • Understand the considerations for RPA and how these can be addressed
  • Explore options for implementing your own RPA solution – from processes that lend themselves most easily to automation, to how to get the support you’ll need to help you on your journey


Mark Payne, Senior Director, Global Shared Services

10:00 AM

Enterprise RPA from Automation Anywhere Powers Mission-critical Solutions in Life Sciences

Steve Gordon
Shail Khiyara


BECTON DICKINSON (BDX), a USD 12 Billion global Medical Technology company, chose Automation Anywhere to drive Enterprise RPA solutions within their organization. 

BDX is advancing the world of health and ushering in a new era in healthcare.  The Global Shared Services organization sought an Enterprise-grade RPA solution that met the stringent requirements of security, privacy, governance, and ease of use with a scalable and resilient architecture.

Partnering with Automation Anywhere to drive this transformation, BDX is proud to share how enterprise-grade RPA projects are sourced, selected and implemented within a compliance oriented, highly regulated environment.

Join us to learn about enterprise-grade RPA:

  • What BDX sought in an RPA solution
  • Successes they have had in automating and modernizing existing processes in sales order entry, spanning disparate ERP systems, bridging cloud and on-prem systems for vendor master, and many more
  • How Automation Anywhere’s enterprise RPA platform helps BDX to meet the stringent requirements in security, privacy, governance, and auditability and extends its automated processes to the cloud-based infrastructure
  • Successfully automating mission-critical enterprise processes leads to new opportunities under consideration. Learn what these are.


Steve Gordon, VP Global Shared Services, Becton, Dickinson and Company

Shail Khiyara, Chief Marketing Officer, Automation Anywhere

12:00 PM

EMC: a Guide to Launching Successful RPA Projects [Excellence Award Winner 2016]

Joseph Cotnoir
Frank Kelly


Operating in a high-tech industry it's no surprise that EMC has taken a proactive approach to digital transformation. More specifically, the business was quick to recognize the relevance of RPA to internal processing, too. EMC has come out of the the gate fast and has taken the lead in RPA implementation (the GBS organization won two Excellence Awards, for Process Improvement and Innovation, earlier this year).

We’ve invited two of EMC’s leading RPA activists to explain how they did it – from getting started (evaluating providers), to rolling out the project, to managing expectations, to partnering with functional towers, to rolling out solutions.

Frank and Joe will be happy to take your questions in this interactive session. “We came out of the gate pretty fast, but there are different ways of tackling this,” explains Joe, who leads the HR tower’s implementation. Frank, who is a member of the Robotics COE adds: “One of the biggest lessons we learned is to separate the hype around the tool from the – still impressive – reality, of what it can really do.” 

Please join us.


Joseph Cotnoir, Global Operations Manager – HR Shared Services, EMC

Frank Kelly, Sr. Manager, Digital Transformation, EMC

10:00 AM

10 Myths That Can Derail Your Automation Program—And How to Debunk Them

Becky Schultz
Scott Furlong


Are you struggling to get started on an automation program?  Do you believe that automation will deliver significant benefits to your organization but aren’t sure what’s hype and what’s real? If so, you are not alone in wrestling through these thoughts. 

For decades, shared services organizations have lived with a paradigm we like to call:  “Two out of Three Ain’t Bad.” Customers want services delivered ‘better, faster and cheaper.’ As shared services leaders we have always told them we can give them any two of the three goals, but not all three.  Automation breaks that paradigm and makes achieving all three possible. 

Please join us in conversation as we address the following:

  • Top 10 widely held beliefs that can derail your automation program—why they are more myth than reality, and how debunking those myths will accelerate your program
  • Deployment Models and Approaches—including alternatives, typical timing and cost structures
  • Implementation Best Practices—a practical roadmap and getting supportive buy-in from your organization


Becky Schultz, Director, ISG

Scott Furlong, Partner, Americas, ISG

09:00 AM

Nailing "Governance" in Enterprise RPA – Bank of Ireland

Brian Halpin
Pat Geary
Barbara Hodge


Bank of Ireland was challenged, like most businesses, with getting some basic processes automated. Specifically, it was looking for ways to rapidly automate mundane processes and free up people to focus on more customer-centric solutions. Blue Prism’s software platform enabled the bank to respond rapidly to changing priorities and customer demands by creating its own automated solutions.

Join us to discover how the robotics platform is governed by IT to ensure it has the inherent layer of structure, governance, auditability and data security that IT requires.

Learn how Bank of Ireland:

  • evaluated different RPA solutions
  • took on the challenge of offloading mundane work from employees
  • learned to build automated processes without having to learn how to code
  • retrained employees for higher-level human interactions that require thinking and judgement
  • improved customer service
  • reduced costs

Learn how to set up a governance office, identify a process pipeline for automation, get IT on board, and create an agile, robotics-enabled business function that can respond to the ever changing market.


Brian Halpin, Head of Robotic Process Automation, Bank Of Ireland, Bank of Ireland

Pat Geary, Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Prism

Barbara Hodge, Online Editor, SSON, USA

10:30 AM

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation

Guy Kirkwood


In this webinar, Guy Kirkwood, UiPath’s COO, discusses how the more modern RPA technologies leverage Artificial Intelligence to become "just the way you do automation." Guy illustrates this webinar with his BPO and Shared Services experience and knowledge of who is doing what, where and why. 

  • AI: It means many things to many people; where does RPA fit in and why is it important to have both a brain and a body?
  • It’s Here: How AI-enabled technology creates Intelligent Automation, the “new normal” for RPA solutions.
  • It Works: Examples of where it's being implemented.
  • What Now? Steps to identify and assess Intelligent AI-enabled RPA products for your enterprise automation roadmap.

 Join this webinar to learn how modern RPA technology, infused with Artificial Intelligence, is driving automation solutions that set new standards for cost reduction; performance; scalability and extensibility – not tomorrow, but today!


Guy Kirkwood, Chief Operating Officer, UiPath

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