Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence
Contributor: Barbara Hodge, Editor
Posted: 01/08/2017
Barbara Hodge, Editor
While it’s true the rigor of robotics removes a lot of process risk, ironically, the more user interface-focused the solution, the greater the exposure to another kind of risk. Make sure you know what's what Full Article »
Contributor: Paul McLean
Posted: 11/29/2016
Paul McLean
Find out how Prudential Financial recognized RPA as an unmissable opportunity to improve back office processes, retrench work previously outsourced, leverage data analytics, and eliminate mundane work (to allow for value-adding work). Paul McLean, VP Centralized Business Services, and Ann Delmedico, VP of Change Management, share invaluable in Full Video »
Contributor: Barbara Hodge
Posted: 02/04/2016
Barbara Hodge
The market's not embracing RPA, despite what we know about it. So what's wrong? Full Column »
Contributor: Editorial Team Shared Services & Outsourcing Network
Posted: 01/16/2017
Editorial Team Shared Services & Outsourcing Network
Concerned about the potential scenario of dozens of robots running amok across your systems? What’s real and what’s not when it comes to RPA security concerns... Full Sector Report »