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Find out about the obvious weaknesses in Procurement, that can be solved with the help of technology Learn more

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Download this whitepaper to gain an overview of the 3 hottest topics in finance today, understand what a Risk Intelligent RPA approach looks like, and learn how to build a financial automation roadmap. Learn more


Are perceptions about the role of accounts payable and procurement in your company keeping you from growing professionally? According to Ardent Partners, 20.4% of senior management characterize AP as an efficient department that gets the work done. Working efficiently and checking tasks off a list is great, but you can do more than that. We’re tossing you the keys to outperformance. Claim your playbook now to start planning your break-out strategy to outperform expectations across procure-... Learn more

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As human resource professionals, our passion is to find outstanding people and help them accomplish extraordinary things. We know that employees are a company’s greatest asset and that high-impact HR teams focus on high-value activities—talent management, training, organizational design, and fostering a winning business culture. But, too often, our time is spent on simply “keeping the lights on.” In fact, HR decision-makers spend nearly 12 hours a week handling routine employee calls and emails... Learn more

shared services in malaysia

The Shared Services talent pool is given a boost through the digital workforce Learn more

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Robotic process automation in Germany

In German corporations, lessons from the factory floor are suddenly, and to great success, being leveraged for business processing Learn more

The Value of SS ERP

ERP applications lie at the heart of financial operations, yet many are not optimized because the Accounts Payable processes that feed them are manual and paper-based. As a result, data fed into the ERP is incomplete, incorrect or not timely, processes are inefficient, and decision-makers do not have access to key variables.The impact of relying on manual, paper-based Accounts Payable processes is especially pronounced in the growing number of shared services centers, where invoice processing... Learn more

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Find out what CASE USA did to produce a cohesive, high performing shared services team. Learn more


A summary of one of SSON's popular World Series webinars, based on a conversation between UiPath's COO, Guy Kirkwood, and two industry practitioners experienced in RPA implementation Learn more

Tags: UiPath | RPA | robotics
Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation

How intelligent automation is reinventing shared service delivery for the modern age Learn more

229 whitepaper results
of 22