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Concerned about the potential scenario of dozens of robots running amok across your systems? What’s real and what’s not when it comes to RPA security concerns... Learn more

Tags: RPA | threat | Risk
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How good are you at ‘managing to numbers’? That’s a skill you might need to develop if you want a solid career ahead of you Learn more

Tags: career | leader | skills
dennis myers

Find out how Ericsson's SSO has introduced a consistent "drum beat" strategy over the past years, which helped cut 30% costs Learn more


The position of finance remains a crucial one, in fact, it is becoming more important as improved access to real time financial data and data analytics capabilities play into finance’s strengths and support its role as a strategic partner in corporate decision-making.For those leading Finance operations, it’s more important than ever to foster strategic relationships, connect personally with their teams, and leverage their significant insights for the benefit of the... Learn more


Download this free template to guide your RPA planning and initiative. Learn more

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Bots are visible, traceable, and secure – so what's missing? Learn more

Tags: bots | RPA | robotics

What decisions will dominate your finance operations in 2017? Finance leaders are fast re-evaluating their teams’ analytics skills and learning how to leverage these for the new era of data-driven decision-making. What decisions will dominate your finance operations in 2017? Learn more


Tried and tested strategies that make your shared services a success – and tips on leadership. Plus: 7 skills to foster in your team![Click the red button below]. Learn more


How to ensure your Bot doesn't go terminator Learn more

Tags: RPA | Security | Risk
211 whitepaper results
of 21