The 2017 State of the Shared Services Industry Report: Back to Basics

Posted: 01/27/2017

The past two years have been full of dramatic headlines foretelling the end of Shared Services as we know it. A new “digital” workforce, we’re told, will be running much of the show. Management will only be interested in data and the story it tells, and the ‘services’ role of Shared Services will be automated away.

Well not so fast... The reality, as you all know, is that the fundamentals of Shared Services – providing cost-effective, reliable support to the business –  still count and always will.

This year, we bucked the trend and asked our members about the basic fundamentals of shared services: How are you best serving your customers? How do you measure your success? How do you charge for services? How do you resource most effectively? How do you set efficiency targets?

The results tell us a lot, not just about best practices, but about how SSOs are grasping at new opportunities to redefine themselves and their service. 

Download the report now. Here a sneak-peak:

chart report


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Posted: 01/27/2017

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