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Contracting: the First Step in a Change Management Program

About Ed Hansen: Ed specializes in strategic deal advice and conducting negotiations for companies involved in transformational technology... View now

Tags: Ed Hansen | McCarter & English | BPO | technology

Asia: Shared Services Will be Incorporating Front Office Operations in Future

How are changes in customers’ service delivery needs reflected in BPO provider offerings? During Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Asia... View now

Tags: G6 | Asia | BPO | outsourcing trends

G6 North America 2013: Bob Cecil on Innovation

Where do you stand on the big innovation debate?

Process and technology only add up to innovation with a small "i" says Bob Cecil.... View now

Tags: G6 | Bob Cecil | Robert Cecil | KPMG

G6 North America 2013: Hubert Giraud on cost versus value in BPO

Tony Filippone interviews Hubert Giraud at Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2013 [North America] on cost... View now

Tags: Hubert Giraud | G6 | Cost | value

G6 North America 2013: Jose Rivera on analytics' and big data's impact on shared services and outsourcing

Phil Fersht interviews Cognizant's Head of BPO, Jose Rivera, at Shared Services and Outsourcing Week [North America] 2013, on the impact of... View now

Tags: Jose Rivero | Phil Fersht | Analytics | Big Data

G6 North America 2013: Manoj Punja on technology's impact on standardization

Lee Coulter interviews Wipro's Manoj Punja at Shared Services and Outsourcing Week [2013], North America about the impact of technology on... View now

Tags: Wipro | Manoj Punja | G6 | North America

G6 North America 2013: Ben Trowbridge on "Cloud"

Jay Desai interviews Alsbridge's Ben Trowbridge about the impact of "Cloud" at Shared Services & Outsourcing Week (North America (2013).

View now

Tags: Ben Trowbridge | BPO | Alsbridge | cloud
Sanjay Patel from Merck honored for "Contribution to Industry"

Sanjay Patel, Executive Director Asia Pacific/Japan, Merck is honored by the Asian sourcing community – Winner of the "Personal... View now

Tags: merck | Sanjay Patel | Personal Contribution to Industry Award | Asia Excellence Award

Innovation is a core competency for shared services and outsourcing

P&G’s reaction to winning the SSON Excellence Award for "Improvement & Innovation" (Asia 2012)


View now

Tags: innovation | Improvement | P&G award | P&G GBS
13 results
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