Adding Value: If they're not enabling revenue, what are SSOs really doing?

Posted: 08/29/2013

When EMC walked off with the "value creation" award at SSON's European conference earlier this year, it wasn’t down to the "luck o’ the Irish", no matter how convincingly Ella O’Keefe, Global Finance leadfor EMC’s EMEA region, thanked her team. It was really about how the GBS team is enabling revenue streams, incorporating acquisitions, and improving go-to-market strategies. In other words: how is GBS helping the business generate more money?

The discussions around Shared Services water coolers these days is all about value. And while in the early days labor arbitrage marked an impressive start, mature centers are having to prove a whole lot more. Barbara Hodge asks Ella O'Keefe about the four core areas around which GBS is creating a measurable impact. Much of the GBS focus, she finds out, hinges around supporting the front end in getting contracts signed or renewed.

Watch the video to find out how EMC's GBS team is leveraging its knowledge and data across 20+ services to influence:

  1. Global Contracts Data Management – GBS developed an idea arising out of a Kaizen workshop, which has led to the team checking and indexing contracts more effectively, resulting in faster turnaround and improved compliance. Effectively, this takes the risk out of the business.
  2. Supporting Pre-sales: GBS has taken on technical support and quotes, and is providing more support to Systems engineers who are thereby freed up to meet more customers, and generate more revenue.
  3. Streamlining M&A: for a company like EMC, mergers are a fact of life. Streamlining the integration process, means revenue kicks in sooner.
  4. Refresh to Renew: GBS is helping speed up the renewal process by supporting quote generation, which aids revenue generation.
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