Driving Outstanding Customer Experience in Shared Services – through Process Excellence

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Improving the customer’s experience is at the front of every Shared Services leader’s mind. Customers increasingly expect to get more than just "consistency" from their SSO. They want "innovation" and "continuous improvement" in the services they receive.

In this webinar, Mike Gammage of TIBCO Software will explain how Nimbus Control provides a service management framework for Shared Services. It enables an SSO to improve collaboration, to get closer to its clients, and to drive continuous improvement.

Key learning points in this webinar:

  • Creating a Services Catalog: How to make it easy for clients to understand the SSO’s offerings
  • Solution Design: Making it easy for clients to engage in the solution design, mapping the components of the services catalog to their specific business requirements
  • On-Boarding: How to reduce transition risk at go-live
  • Service Delivery: How to engage clients to continuously improve end-to-end process performance.