Green Key Resources is seeking an Outsourcing Manager in the Northeast NJ area to join their team immediately.

Duties include:

• Direct the utilization of Contract Research Organizations (CRO's), Central Labs and Specialty Providers to assure the delivery of quality, timely and cost-effective external resources to support the client’s Development pipeline and increase shareholder value.

• For assigned programs or compounds, responsible for drafting, negotiating and/or procuring and processing partially executed contracts, amendments and agreements.

• Functions as the main point of contact, tracks the process and ensures completion of each contract in a timely, accurate manner


• Excellent understanding of the clinical development process and the management of clinical trials.

• Very knowledgeable with the CRO/Central Labs/Specialty Provider marketplace

• Excellent understanding of common pricing and contracting models for clinical services.

• Excellent financial understanding (understanding of cost drivers and benchmarks for clinical trials) as it relates to contacts and cost reductions; ability to speak intelligently regarding cost drivers and comparative analysis

• Demonstrated ability of completing projects on time and within budget

• Excellent influencing and negotiating skills.

• Excellent understanding of contracts (including basic legal understanding of terms and conditions)

• Excellent written and oral communication skills.

• Strong problem solving skills

• Demonstrated willingness to make decisions and to take responsibility for such.

• Excellent interpersonal skills (team player)

• Fluent English (oral and written)


• Bachelor's degree; advanced degree of equivalent desired.

• At least 5 years experience in Drug Development in Pharmaceutical Industry or with a vendor/provider; from Pharma; specific experience in outsourcing, contracting, sourcing, of clinical services; from Vendor/Provider; specific experience in proposals, legal terms and conditions, business development.

For more information on this role and to apply, please visit

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Monday, January 09, 2012
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