Can BPOs Rescue Themselves?

Digitizing unstructured data services at scale lowers costs, protects revenues and operational resilience.

This webinar will take place on:
January 26, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

2020 has rocked many industries. One which has been particularly hard hit is the BPO industry, with their reliance on location and people they’ve had their business models tested and in some cases proven inadequate. As BPOs look to pivot or re-build their businesses many of the smarter ones are turning to data to secure their position as value-added providers. While traditional transactional efficiency will maintain customer loyalty, the real opportunity for growth is within data and business critical insights.

A recent report by SSON and AntWorks emphasized flexibility, responsiveness and digital adoption as key to BPO survival.  However that is by no means easy and poor data quality has emerged as one of the key barriers to digital transformation. Indeed data integrity is a crucial nut that organizations all over the world are trying to crack. That’s why SSON are delighted to share this webinar with you where AntWorks and WNS look at:

  • The opportunity for growth: Smart ingesting as a game-changer
  • Cognitive machine reading: Opening the door to digitization
  • Handling multiple data formats with a single platform to create faster and more accurate insight
  • The bottom line: Exploring hard business benefits for BPOs in a time where every penny counts


Mike Hobday
Senior Vice President

Mike Hobday is Chief Revenue Officer and Senior Vice President at AntWorks. He is responsible for driving revenue growth strategy and lead sales strategy, client acquisition and relationships across U.S, UK, Ireland and Europe.

AntWorks' aim is to automate routine and allow workers in the 21st Century to focus on doing the work they really want to do. Disciplines include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Advanced Analytics; and automation solutions that include Robotic Process Automation, new leading solutions to exploit the potential of “Internet of Things,” and Blockchain technologies. In combination, these technologies herald a new digital workforce alongside a new generation of jobs and roles where colleagues are supported by AI tools and smart robotics.

Prior to joining AntWorks, Mike led IBM’s Automation in Europe. The practice focussed on supporting enterprise clients in transformation to Industry 4.0, from analogue to digital, eliminating unnecessary human intervention in processes where it fails to deliver value to customers or to protect business. At IBM, Mike led the UK Banking Practice and was Financial Services Leader in Asia Pacific. He has advised Banking and FS clients globally on cognitive automation and was the Global Lead Account Partner for clients including Barclays, Maybank and ABN AMRO.


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