Building Efficiency Through New Skill Sets: How to Succeed in the "New Era" of Shared Services

Craig Simpkins
Posted: 04/06/2015

Networking as a tool to help you solve an Issues – not something they teach you at University

Craig Simpkins, Director of Global Process and Finance Service & Delivery at Johnson Controls, is a change agent to the nth degree, with 20 plus years experience in shared services. Last year, he completed, and graduated from, SSON’s SSO Pro course, and shared what he learned in an interview.

He also hosted a webinar for SSON members (free to anyone who is registered here – includes complimentary job posting per month) to share what he believes are the most valuable characteristics of a "change agent": the soft skills that help you apply the technical thinking that drives change.

You can download his presentation here, to get an overview of how to build soft skills into your team, practice responses to common challenges with the team through 4 case studies (included, with suggestions to debate), and get a template of a job description to help you recruit the right folks from day one!

"The ability to adapt to soft skills, is at the minimum, twice as important as hard or technical skills. Within shared services, your role is to influence opinions and behaviors of others, without direct authority.

The absence of self-confidence, self-awareness, self-control, commitment, customer service and integrity will result in an employee not being successful within an organization."

Craig Simpkins, Director of Global Process and Finance Service & Delivery at Johnson Controls

Click on the below to get c copy of Craig's presentation.

Craig Simpkins
Posted: 04/06/2015


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