Craig Libby

Over the past two decades, Craig has held a variety of executive positions in financial services at USAA, Wells Fargo, Wachovia and Bank of America, developing and leading operations, product and innovation, business design, process engineering, strategy, change management, third party relationship and risk management, intelligent automation and robotic process automation initiatives.

From leading corporate-wide process improvement, running large operations, standing up robotic process automation lab to establishing strategic supplier relationship and risk management, Craig offers a client-experienced perspective in all things related to shared services, outsourcing and automation in the growing digital world.

He is formerly certified as a Black Belt through ASQ, Business Architect through Enterprise Architects, Innovation Engineer utilizing Outcomes innovation through the Strategy Institute and recently certified in Third Party Risk Management through Sourcing Interest Group (SIG).

He is a former Marine Officer and combat helicopter pilot who served in Dessert Shield, Dessert Storm and Sharp Edge working with Marine Recon, Seals and NATO forces.

Recently retired as Head of Third Party Risk Management Data Analytics, Reporting and Quality for USAA, he now calls Park City, Utah home with his wife, Lori.


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