Jim Arnold

Jim has spent the last 30 years refining his craft as a “hands on” executive, a technology innovator and an industry thought leader. Jim is an accomplished entrepreneur with three key passions:

  • Working with high-performing people/organizations;
  • Employing technology to “change the game” in business processes; and,
  • Delivering measurable value to customers.

After 25 years of Jim and his team building APEX Analytix from a one man fledgling business into a $40 million+ global company serving over 200 Fortune 1000 clients, Jim has turned his attention to healthcare. Healthcare is the second largest “people” cost behind salaries, and the fastest growing organizational expense at nearly 3 times the rate of inflation.

When an employee chooses their healthcare provider, the organization (and the employee) are essentially “rolling the dice” in terms of quality of care, and whether that surgery is going to cost $15,000 or $50,000. Elite corporations (with help from their partners) are taking a more proactive role by contracting directly with health systems, building “centers of excellence” with nationally ranked medical providers, and actively promoting employee health and awareness. By linking data acquired from historical claims, biometric screenings/health assessments and fitness trackers with critical business metrics, data analytics and “big data”, organizations can bend the cost curve on healthcare, while fostering a healthier and more engaged employee population.

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