Jojo Aquino

Name: Romeo Fernando J. Aquino, Jr

Title: Principal, assigned as Executive Program Manager with a banking client

Your location: Philippines

Previous roles/organizations:

  • Vice President at the finance and technology shared service center of a major investment bank, in following roles: transformation program manager, finance change and analysis, head of relationship management. 8 years, Philippines
  • Managing Director at neoIT, an offshoring consulting organization, 1-1/2 years, Philippines and US
  • General Manager, Fidelity Information Services, in the following roles: general manager of AllProfits Hong Kong, head of Asia Professional Services, seconded as vice president and general manager of Allied Information Services. 8 years, Hong Kong and Philippines
  • Vice President, head of Information Technology, Aetna Life and Health, 2 years, Philippines.

Reporting to: At investment bank, last role reported to technology division head. At neoIT, reported to neoIT president. At Fidelity, reported to Asia Pacific director and international head. At Aetna Life, reported to president.

Most value-added service your SSO has delivered to business: at previous investment bank role, delivery of finance, operations, and technology services, with defined service levels, from basic operations, middle office, to higher value financial reporting, to technology business analysis and project management. Provided scale, rapid ramp-up, rigorously controlled processes.

Biggest challenge on your agenda in the year ahead: defining program goals in specific engagement, managing the planning and execution process.

Your area of expertise: Transformation and strategic program/project management; SSO relationship management, transfer pricing, contract management; vendor selection and negotiation.

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