Niklas Oldiges

Niklas Oldiges is the head of Global Business Services in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
He has been rigorously pursuing the advancement of Shared Services for more than 20 years.
Leading a team of over 150 GBS advisors with project experience across the globe, Niklas Oldiges supports clients in introducing flexible and integrated business models aimed at achieving continuous improvement and systematic digitalization.
Niklas Oldiges studied international business in Bamberg and Washington, D.C. He speaks regularly at conferences focused on Shared Services and Global Business Services.
This is one way in which Niklas Oldiges contributes to the achievement of EY’s goal of “Building a better working world.”
“I see it as my responsibility to assist companies in establishing a more agile, integrated and competitive structure by applying Global Business Services concepts that place humans at center.
An emphasis is placed on people in the day-to-day cooperation with clients, in the assembly of EY teams and in the development of new tasks and role-based models as part of the digitalization process.”


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