Ramesh Subramanian

An alumnus of "UCLA, Anderson", "Member of Leaders Excellence" at Harvard Square and Business Leader with over 20 years in Auditing, Core Finance Tax/Compliance/Transfer Pricing functions and Leading Shared Services. Competencies include Coaching, People Management, Cost Leadership, Contributing to Profit Excellence and Growth, Protecting Stakeholder value and interest. Having been a part of industries like Automobile, FMCG, and Commercial Real Estate has helped gain a deeper understanding of the Eco Systems. Coaching and mentoring by a select few Leaders during different stints helped me along the way to cultivate clarity of vision, mission, acquire key skills in leading people and processes. At a granular level in shared services I have handled the entire gamut from Strategic Client/Investor Management, Liaising with Sales on deals, Organic Growth, Solutions, Due Diligence, Offshore Transitions, Hiring, Stabilizing operations to turning critical situations into sustainable competitive advantage in the long run. In a nutshell all of these have had significant positive impact on Customer Experience, Service Provider top line, bottom line, cash flow and potential for better valuation basis need. In auditing I have handled from vouching to facilitating Partner's sign off on Financial Statements focusing on Auditing Standards, GAAP, Risk Management and regulatory requirements. Core Finance compliance functions helped dive deeper into Indian Service Tax, Global Transfer Pricing matters, SEZ compliance and driving Advance Pricing Agreements with authorities. Summing it all is an overall business impact of 50M USD across the board. Stated at the end but nonetheless the single most influencing fact is I could not have accomplished even a tiny bit without the great teams that I have had the privilege of working with.

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