Viji Varghese

Viji Varghese runs the Robotics Program at ANZ, as Head of CoE for Automation.

He runs an operation that is a blend of a human, and a digital workforce: he leads a team of around 65 specialists in areas spanning Automation, Business Transformation and Business Support. He therefore manages the full life cycle of Automation.

His key strengths include executing ANZ’s strategies and implementing change across all levels; leading large multicultural teams is his forte.

Viji has been instrumental in embedding Robotic Process Automation (RPA) successfully across ANZ’s functional groups and countries.

He has been building a digital workforce by leveraging tools such as Open Span, Automation Anywhere and Cloudera. In his four years’ experience of doing this, he has deployed 1900 robots in streams like Lending, Retail Banking, and Payments and Mortgages, across 194 processes and seventeen countries.

Prior to his current role, Viji was Head of Payment Operations and RPA at the global level. Here, he managed all facets of Payments Operations like Payment Processing, Payment Investigations, Nostro Investigations, Static Data Maintenance, Liquidity and Channel On-boarding/Maintenance.

Before moving to ANZ, Viji spent 14 years at HSBC.

Soon after his MBA, he got his maiden job here as a Transition Trainer and then went on to lead a 1900-member Payment Operations team, servicing 32 countries. He worked in diverse segments within the Bank like Training, Projects, Strategy, Operations and Commercialisation.

Viji is extremely passionate about children, education, the environment and poverty alleviation; he managed a school for underprivileged children for a year during his stint at HSBC and supports organisations, such as St. Gregorios Balagram in Yacharam, Telangana, which adopts and educates children of leprosy patients.


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