Simon Brown

Simon Brown has over 25 years senior international experience in HR Management. He specialises in:

  • Business Transformation and Change management
  • HR Transformation including Shared Services design, delivery and deployment
  • Talent Acquisition and Talent Management 

He has worked with a range of global organisations including Duracell Batteries, GlaxoSmithKline, Premier Farnell, The Coca-Cola Company, E.ON and NCR Corporation.

Simon has been involved in the full design and deployment of HR Transformation to Shared Services in all 6 times since 1995, including vendor selection for outsourced partners. He has a strong expertise in selecting and developing HR Shared Services teams.

Simon is both a strategic thinker and seasoned operational practitioner in the Transformed HR Model and has held the following roles:

  • Leader - Centre of Expertise, European HR Director,  Recruitment Director, 
  • Strategic -HR business partner and member of Global HR Leadership PMO Teams,
  • Operational- Shared Services Director for Coca-Cola Europe and NCR.

In the last 2 years Simon helped NCR to set up a new Customer Services Centre of Excellence in Serbia, and developed the skills and service of the shared services team to enable the achievement of 99.2% customer satisfaction (with 77.4% very satisfied) in the December 2013 customer satisfaction survey HR dashboard results.

In addition Simon is a speaker and chairperson at HR conferences for the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON) in Europe, and is a regular article columnist for the Global SSON website. His articles have also appeared in HR Grapevine, HRO Today, Personnel Today, HR Magazine and HR Transformation Network.

Simon is now available to help your company with change management, HR transformation, talent management and shared services design, delivery and operational excellence projects.

0044 (0)7740731474

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