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Author, educator, and business consultant, Jeanette Nyden works to transform underperforming business partnerships into collaborative relationships.  She has written three books, including: Getting to We: Negotiating Agreements for Highly Collaborative Relationships.

Ms. Nyden has more than 20 years’ experience as an attorney and mediator negotiating agreements and providing practical negotiation planning, and coaching to drive revenue in B2B negotiations with customers, vendors, and alliance partners.

Working in close collaboration with University of Tennessee’s Center for Executive Education, Ms. Nyden joined outsourcing pioneer Kate Vitasek where she helped expand UT’s work on the topic of Vested to include collaborative negotiation skills and collaborative contracting.   Ms. Nyden is a co-author of The Vested Outsourcing Manual: A Guide for Creating Successful Business and Outsourcing Relationships and was instrumental in developing UT’s online course “Creating a Vested Agreement” – UT’s first online course offered in the College of Business.

Ms. Nyden brings a unique approach to her clients as a bridge builder.  As a professional mediator, Ms. Nyden has the ability to effectively sit on both sides of the table simultaneously.  This, coupled with her background as an attorney and professional trainer, enables her clients to see beyond conventional, tit-for-tat negotiation tactics and instead learn the art of collaborative techniques that achieve greater value for both partners.

Ms. Nyden earned her B.A. and Juris Doctorate from Southern Illinois University.  While no longer a practicing attorney, she keeps her law license active and has donated hundreds of hours mediating disputes for the Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution, a non-profit organization.  She is also an adjunct professor at Seattle University where she teaches negotiation classes. 


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