Tom Zbaren

Tom has over 30 years of success working with small to medium-sized companies in strategy, planning, marketing, and sales force mobilization, with emphasis on leveraging digital marketing and social media channels.  With offices in Seattle, WA and New Delhi, Tom and his colleagues provide services to SMBs and work with leading Outsourcing and Shared Services Brands to develop and improve delivery performance and expansion into new global markets. Find out more at


Tom writes a column for SSON, covering: Business challenges facing SMBs; Outsourcing and Shared Services Solutions; and Connecting Sellers with Buyers.

Topics he will cover include:

  • Every business outsources; changing the perception of global outsourcing
  • Selecting outsourcing partner
  • Outsourcing must be simple and easy
  • Verticalization; meeting market needs and creating delivery capabilities
  • Working across silos to bundle solutions
  • Differentiated solutions for niche markets: Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Outsourcing as a COE for SMBs
  • Sellers must be partners: Mindset and Processes
  • Breaking the status-quo; lessons applied from Challenger Selling research
  • Establishing trust: transparency and social media
  • Focus on outcomes not cost arbitrage
  • Identifying marketing opportunities through social channels
  • Reaching Buyers through digital marketing and social channels
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