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Anil Prem DSouza

Anil Prem DSouza is a columnist for SSON. He has recently taken on a new role as Chief Evangelist at CBENSOL, where is using his visionary and evangelist approach to bring futuristic technology into HR/Business Shared Services, in support of partnering and enabling business operations. Anil was previously with Syngenta, as Head of HR Shared Services – South Asia, where he led HR operations for one of the leading companies in the field of Agro Business globally. He has implemented several Shared Services projects across diverse industries. Anil is a Computer Science Graduate and is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) which is one of India’s premier business management schools.

Anil started his career with a ‘Short Service Commission’ stint in the Indian Navy as a Lieutenant Commander, and continues to draw his inspiration from some of the disciplines he learned there. He then joined Nokia as Manager – Human Resources before moving to Microland where he headed the Global HR Shared Services and the Business Shared Services Project. Anil’s interest in Shared Services stem from a fusion of working experience from human aspects of HR to precision of military operations achieved through technology from his academic IT background.


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