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Mr. John Kirk


A recognized international executive with over 30 years experience in Outsourcing, Shared Services, Process Improvement, CEO Coaching, and Corporate Strategy, John Kirk is a leading authority in Global Business Management. He honed his results-oriented approach in leadership roles as a Covansys Vice President, a KPMG Partner, an IBM Corporation Principal, and a Dun & Bradstreet Software Senior Manager, and has an established reputation in the field of Global Management Advisory.

John's international background makes him uniquely qualified in his field. In his early years he lived and was educated in Europe and this experience continues to shape a deep appreciation for international cultures and the nuances of international business. His career began in HR for several manufacturing plants, where he educated himself through deep immersion on the factory floor, talking with line supervisors and developing a real-world approach to managing by walking around. Through subsequent positions he acquired extensive experience in developing global operations, outsourcing/offshoring and launching global products.

In his current role as CEO and Managing Partner of J Phillip Partners he consults and provides CEO coaching for primarily Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 companies.

John is a columnist for SSON, focusing on SME's adoption of sourcing models including shared services & outsourcing.

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