Emma Beaumont

Emma Beaumont is the leader of SSON globally, responsible for the strategic direction and growth of all SSON customer channels including all SSON events, SSON’s online portal,  the online practitioner platform Shared Intelligence; and SSON’s recently launched research and data analytics centre, SSON Analytics

Emma began her career with SSON in 2003 in London, where she ran SSON’s global event portfolio from until 2014 when she relocated to Singapore to open SSON’s first global data analytics centre, SSON Analytics. SSON Analytics now provides digestible data-driven insights to the industry and helps SSON members answer questions about the ever-evolving landscape through access to interactive visual analytics reports and data tools.

Emma has spent her career growing and nurturing industry relationships in SSON’s global membership base – listening to them to find out how SSON can better serve its members. Her priority is to ensure SSON delivers upon its global mission statement and commitment to customers through vendor-agnostic best practice content, cutting edge data insights and unparalleled networking and learning opportunities.

Phone: +65 6722 9440
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