Steve Moore


Steve has a long track record of successful business and operational executive appointments. He is an experienced change agent in designing, implementing and operating Shared Services on multiple sites in remote locations. He has delivered HR, Finance, Procure to Pay and IT Support services, for both the private, not for profit, and public sectors.

Steve has successfully led culture change whilst delivering improved commercial performances though business performance management initiatives and employee development programs. These strategies focus on ensuring future business growth. A core area of expertise is Six Sigma and Lean business strategies and deployments. Some examples of projects include: designing and delivering a target operating model to deliver an enhanced service delivery for HR and Payroll Services, reducing operating costs by 40%; and designing and implementing a Financial Shared Services model from 4 disparate Finance departments, delivering 15 % savings in Year 1 and 25% savings in year 2.

Steve will be writing on:


Before we start of on the journey need to understand where we want to be and where we are starting from

·       Understanding the needs of the business / needs of the customer

·       Is the business transactional / policing/ case management / advice ?

·       Is the business ready culture change ?

·       What does success look like ?

·       How are we going to measure it ?

·       Where are we now ? before we start the journey ( baseline)

·       We will want to Benchmark ourselves against other service providers in our sector ?

·       Multisite / remote locations


·       CRM systems / track service requests

·       OCR technology / workflow


·       Phased Modular approach / big bang

·       Creating the head room

·       Involving the teams

·       Understanding the process

·       Applying lean / six sigma to process design

Empowering Employees / team development

·       Induction program

·       Employee development programs

Understanding Business / commercial performance

·       Measuring the right things to deliver the service and financial benefits not analysis paralysis

·       Service level agreements

·       Performance dashboards

·       Balanced scorecards

Running a successful shared services operation

·       Induction Program understanding the culture and terminology

·       Team meetings / briefs

·       Operational meetings

·       Strategic meetings


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