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Deborah Kops is Managing Principal of Sourcing Change (, the first resource dedicated exclusively to shared services and outsourcing change management strategy.  With experience as a shared services executive, buyer, provider, and private equity adviser, she works with leading companies to manage globalization challenges.

Her career includes managing directorships at both FleetBoston Financial (now Bank of America) and Deutsche Bank, advisory partnerships at Arthur Andersen and PricewaterhouseCoopers, and chief marketing officer of a leading Indian-legacy outsourcing company. 

Deborah frequently presents at major industry forums, and leads The Conference Board’s Global Business Services and Emerging Shared Services Councils. A strategic advisor to technology companies,, and, Deborah sits on the boards of Goldman Sachs-funded, and award-winning social impact outsourcer and is the founder and vice-chair of Liberty Source PBC, the first U.S. onshore business process services company harnessing the talents of US military spouses to compete with offshore delivery. Deborah can be reached at

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In the second episode of the SSON Hardtalk series Deborah Kops drills into the subject of RPA to find out if it's all just hype or the best thing since sliced bread. Joining Deborah asks the tough hitting questions to Gary Critchley of National Grid, and Bobby Abraham of Vodafone, find the truth behind RPA....Full Article »
Episode Overview:Deborah Kops joins us and brings us back to industry pioneers who started to destroy organizations in order to put something more creative together.She’s skeptical of whether robots will be "creative destruction", due to the fact that she feels her colleagues are looking at automation as simply process improvement and removing...Full Article »
She's done it again! This time, Kops takes on the lack of cross-fertilization between provider and client skill sets ... just how easy is it to cross over?...Full Article »
She’s back … and she’s got her snarky on. Deborah Kops calls out Global Business Services......Full Article »
"Stakeholder" was a buzzword at SS&O Week in Orlando this month. But how do you decide who really matters? Deborah Kops suggests that maybe – JUST MAYBE – we are overdoing the "stakeholder" bit, forgetting that they are not all created equal. Read on......Full Article »
Will this finally be the year of onshore outsourcing, when we can buy local at scale? Despite the fact that markets have a lot going for them (no US Presidential elections, for starters), it may take more than that to create real breakthroughs...Full Article »
The lines between procurement and global sourcing are becoming increasingly blurred: Smart procurement leaders are making a grab for sourcing outsourcing services, while the C-suite considers elevating sourcing leaders to chief procurement officer status...Full Article »
Will shared services leaders take the GBS helm? Current common wisdom assumes that GBS leadership is the pinnacle of career progression for shared services leaders. After all, who’s the logical inheritor of the mega-services platform mantle but the guys and gals who slogged it out early on, establishing the first consolidated,...Full Article »
Not too long ago I met an Irishman named Coleman O’Flynn at an outsourcing transformation conference. And as he was charming the dickens out me with his soft brogue, it hit me like a ton of bricks—look around at some of the leading business services transformation initiatives, and you’ll find more than your fair share of Irish leaders. Is this a...Full Article »
I recently read one of those elaborate corporate leadership books that was trying to boil down 300 pages of common sense into one list of 10 inspiring points. If you are like me, many of the business books you read either oversimplify a very complex problem, or attempt to restate the obvious in new jargon. However, I did come across a gem that...Full Article »
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