Jagdish Dalal is Founder and President of JDalal Associates, LLC. Before starting his practice, Jag was CIO and VP of Ebusiness for Carrier Corp (a division of United Technologies). As a founding partner of the BPO Practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Jag led the efforts resulting in a US$650m (5 yr) contract providing HR & Procurement BPO services to Nortel Networks. Jag’s leadership in the landmark US$3.2bn IT outsourcing deal with EDS is documented as part of a Harvard Business School case study and is used for teaching successful outsourcing strategies.

Although the best time to plan for governance is during the strategy formulation stage, most companies wait until after implementation, when a problem arises, to address governance. But governance is not just about setting up formal reviews and periodic status reports; it is the act of managing the outsourcing engagement, and deals with...Full Article »