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Mark Kobayashi-Hillary is the CEO of IT Decisions, the leading source of English-language insight into the Brazilian tech sector. He is British and based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Mark is also an author, blogger, and advisor on technology, globalisation and corporate change. He has written several successful management books, including ‘Global Services: Moving to a Level Playing Field’, ‘Who Moved My Job?’, and ‘Building a Future with BRICs’. The theme running through most of his books is how company structures are changing, globalising, and offering new opportunities for intelligent executives.

Mark's outsourcing blog for Computing magazine eventually became a book in 2009, titled 'Talking Outsourcing' and this blog was shortlisted for a blog of the year award in 2009 by Computer Weekly magazine. He blogs for a number of other media organisations including Reuters,, and Computer Weekly.

Mark has advised the United Nations on the development of the IT industry in Africa and Bangladesh, the Indian government on service exports, and the British government on developing a hi-tech economy. Mark spent most of September 2010 working with the Maltese government on a benchmarking exercise guiding their ICT industry development. Mark is a visiting lecturer on the MBA programme at London South Bank University and has lectured as a guest at many other universities including the LSE, Loughborough, and Henley Management College.

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