Atul Vashistha

Atul is Chairman and CEO of Neo Group, a firm he founded in 2007. Neo is a leading “emerging markets and outsourcing” advisory and supply risk monitoring firm. His other firm, Best Outsourcing Jobs, was founded in July 2009 as a global online outsourcing focused employment solution. All these firms collaborate under his umbrella brand, Globalization Wisdom Group. Atul is recognized globally as one of the leading experts on globalization, emerging markets, outsourcing and related governance. He is also the author of three books; Outsourcing Wisdom, Globalization Wisdom and The Offshore Nation. Atul also writes ongoing columns for Globalization Today and Global Services.


Today, outsourcing has become a mainstay of corporations. It is mainstream, it is global and it is rapidly changing. This dynamic has a huge impact on the competitiveness of global corporations. Yet, global sourcing is not what it was even a few years ago. Its complexity has risen manifold. It embraces multiple locations and multiple processes...Full Article »