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Revlon's recent CFO, Juan Figuereo, says RPA is a significant opportunityRecently retired EVP & CFO of Revlon Inc, Juan Figuereo joins us and notes that upon reflection the shared services industry is in a very good place. There are many options and with RPA there’s a new world of opportunity to improve efficiencies, reduce cost and...Full Article »
Celestica’s Vice President of Global Business Services, Manny Paneser "I gotta talk to my clients in sales, business segments, or operations and ask what issues are you having with customers, how we can we serve customers better? Help me understand that? How can I help you do that? That’s my job."Manny joins us from SSOW Canada where he shares...Full Article »
John Hopkins from Abbott Labs on global services process ownership...Full Article »
The Director of Business Processing Services BPO & Category Management for Manulife Dhruv Devnani joins us and shares that he sees his role as guiding the process along while supporting and getting the most value for the organization. He understands that outsourcing can be viewed as controversial especially during a moment in history where...Full Article »
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One of the most exciting careers in this space – world-wide, Lean, Six Sigma – and now transformation! Meet Jon Theuerkauf...Full Article »
How to make Lean work to in Shared Services (oh, and if you're a hockey fan you'll enjoy this especially!)...Full Article »
How do you know whether your team is 'thinking right'? Start with design. Do you have one?...Full Article »
Serendipity plays a big part in life's chances – but then it's up to you...Full Article »
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"We’ve got the business partnering model, we’ve got the onshore middle layer and the offshore service delivery model coming together." John Dickens joins us and shares his history – joining the Barclay’s management program out of school, which led to five years at the Soho Square training branch where he was involved with Channel 4 in the UK...Full Article »
12 results
of 2