Day One

10:00 am - 10:45 am GST Panel Discussion: Evolving Finance Business Models For A Post-Crisis Future

Gary Critchley - SVP Shared Services, Qatar Airways
Ali Abouda - CFO, Gulf Navigation Holding JSPC

What does your business look like in 2021? More remote workers? Increasing automation? More streamlined? The likelihood is that after such a disruptive year, it is going to be different. In order to help you decide the right direction going forward we have gathered a panel of experts to discuss what a post-crisis business model looks like.

• Building a business model that can respond to long-term uncertainty and fluctuation

• Using digital tools to create an agile finance function

• Reassessing growth opportunities and risks 

• Distinguishing short-term from long-term shifts


Gary Critchley

SVP Shared Services
Qatar Airways


Ali Abouda

Gulf Navigation Holding JSPC

11:00 am - 11:45 am GST Thriving Post-Crisis By Improving Long-Term Cash Flow & Cost Management

With recovery both uncertain and precarious, optimizing cash flow and saving costs will be high on finance’s agenda for the foreseeable future. Many of the cost management strategies used last year were good saves in the short term, but long-term need to be adapted to ensure they don’t impact on supplier or customer relationships or impinge on strategic growth. This sessions talks about how you can best manage this delicate balance: 

• From short-term save to long-term cost management strategies

• Using data and digital tools to improve cash-flow and identify discounting opportunities

• Revisiting and managing supply-chain risk

3:00 pm - 3:45 pm GST Going From From CFO to CEO: The 5 Necessary Skills

There is no doubt that companies are measured on numbers. As the CFO knows the numbers best it’s surprising that more of them don’t progress from CFO to CEO. The most-skilled CFOs not only possess a strong financial acumen but are strategic thinkers and nowadays have impressive digital literacy, but research shows this isn’t enough. To take the next leadership step CFOs must move beyond their technical skills and develop more competencies in people, and relationship oriented areas. This session looks at the 5 skills you need to develop in your career to take that next step.

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm GST Will Data Finally Have Its Day? Digitizing Data To Provide Insight & Improve Finance Performance

We have been touting the benefits of data analytics for almost a decade. However, messy, siloed and disparate data sources have meant that its advantages are hard to realize. However, with the emergence of technology such as document digitization and natural language processing, that can analyze both structured and unstructured data, finance departments can finally realize data’s potential. In this session we look at:

• Creating a single source of the truth with your data

• Finance as the gatekeepers for critical organizational data 

• Advanced analytics for finance operations to accelerate decision support and uncover hidden growth opportunities

• Bridging the data readiness gap