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In the face of the greatest global economic crisis in decades, the importance of visionary financial leadership is at its peak. Shared Services is in a desirable position to be sought out for expertise and guidance on ways to manage working capital and improve cash flows.  Delivering on these expectations requires a significant transformation from a finance transaction factory to a value-adding analytical advisory partner.  

Conference attendees will gain insights from industry peers on:

  • Creating finance value thru integrated, end-to-end automation
  • Significance of being data ready and talent enabled to deliver advanced analytics
  • Shifting to a value chain leadership focus
  • How COVID is changing finance priorities
Brand New Focus Day! COVID-19 - Exploring the Priorities Emerging Among Companies' Financial Leaders

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Keybank, Caterpillar, Eli Lilly and many more beloved brands share their secrets to finance transformation. Leading tech providers share customer stories and offer a refresh on how to maximize automation investments and protect against remote challenges.

Day One - Monday, 29 June

APAC Opening (29 June APAC / 28 June US ET Evening)

1000 – 1045 SGT (2200 - 2245 US ET - 28 June Sunday PM)
Optimizing Automation to Create End-to-End Finance Value
Many organisations set out on their automation journey through a piecemeal approach. Implementing solutions into bits and pieces of processes provides some relief in the short term, however the full benefit of the automation investment may not be realised without implementing integrated automation throughout the workflow.   

Learn how to produce E2E finance value by using automation to:
  • Manage hand-offs between process steps
  • Gain transparency into end-to-end gaps
  • Strengthen controls and reduce steps
Brought to you by:  Automation Anywhere
1100 – 1145 SGT (2300 – 2345 US ET - 28 June Sunday PM)
Mitigating Business Impact and Revealing Shared Services Opportunities in Uncertain Times
It has been said that crisis can be the birthplace for opportunity and now is the time for Shared Services to seize it. Stakeholders and business units need the advice and domain expertise more than ever from business services. Shared Services Organizations can move into the limelight by identifying ways for the business to navigate through financial headwinds.  An innovation mindset will be needed to outline unprecedented steps to return to financial health.

Earn your place as a partner and advisor to the business in uncertain times by:
  • Monitoring and outlining the business & operational impact
  • Cultivating groundbreaking ideas to cost reduction and revenue growth
Presenter:  Delia Dragon, COO Global Business Solutions Kuala Lumpur and Associate Director – Order to Cash, Eli Lilly Asia Pacific 
Day One - Monday, 29 June
Americas / EMEA Opening

0900 – 0945 US ET (1300-1345 GMT / 1400-1445 BST / 1500-1545 CEST)
In Turbulent times - Cash is King!
Cash is king, yet the way cash is distributed through supply chains currently is unequal and unfair, creating a situation where everybody loses. Now is the time to break free from the status quo and create a better way to distribute finance through supply chains that deliver benefit to all.
Discover strategies to generate cash and aide finance by:
  • Freeing up working capital quickly
  • Keeping sellers solvent in difficult times by offering fast access to cash at low rates
  • Mitigating supply-chain disruption by digitally collaborating with your sellers
Michael Lomax, Senior Executive, Global FinTech Success, Tradeshift
Brought to you by:  Tradeshift 
1000 – 1045 US ET (1400-1445 GMT / 1500-1545 BST / 1600-1645 CEST)
You’re Sold on Data and Analytics – Now What?
SSO’s have begun to wrap their arms around the need to understand and manage their data to prepare for full-scale transformation. In SSON’s annual state of the industry survey 59% of respondents indicated their data analytics is at a ‘basic’ stage and more than 73% indicated they are not yet ‘data-ready’ to support self-service and real time analytics. Many organizations launched analytics as a capability without an overarching change-management strategy. This has severely limited the ability for those organizations to realize the promised value of this specialty skill. Teams have not been properly prepared to consult with the business in a manner to achieve enterprise worth from analytics insights, and business leaders haven’t been included in engagement models aimed at fully integrating analytics into their decision-making and business processes.

Cultivate analytics into a value driver by:
  • Outlining an intentional analytics integration strategy
  • Creating a business-first engagement model
  • Leading with defined business outcomes, supported by the full analytical ecosystem
Presenter:  Kathleen Maley, Senior Director – Consumer & Digital Analytics, Keybank
1100 – 1145 US ET (1500-1545 GMT / 1600-1645 BST / 1700-1745 CEST)
Order-To-Cash Management Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Ardent Mills' Way
Imagine if instead of clicking CNTRL+C and CNTRL+V repeatedly your employees could spend their time analyzing ways to increase cash flow and strengthen working capital. Given the opportunity to apply critical thinking to Order to cash processes team members can identify opportunities to lower DSO, decrease bad debt, speed up collections, shorten dispute resolution and improve team productivity.

Discover how digital assistants can enable your OTC team by:
    • Automatically executing tasks in parallel while associates engage with customers on calls
    • Rapidly identify payment and billing cycle trends to highlight areas needing focus
Presenter: Jill Barnes, Sr. Manager AR & Treasury Operations, Ardent Mills
Brought to you by:  HighRadius
1200 – 1245 US ET (1600-1645 GMT / 1700-1745 BST / 1800-1845 CEST)
Shifting the Leadership Paradigm – Value Chain Focus vs Counting Direct Report
As we close the books at the end of the quarter the world will be facing one of the greatest economic shakeups experienced in decades. Coming out of a period of significant disruption will require leadership with a new look. Leaving behind a personal valuation based on the number of people in your remit and changing status quo to a concentration on the greater good for the organization.  

Become a catalyst for the future by considering:
  • Mindset necessary for a finance leader of the future
  • How to avoid a ‘tragedy of the commons’ situation to focus on the common good
Presenter:  Craig Libby, Head of Enterprise Third Party Risk Management - Data Analytics, Report and Quality Monitoring (retired), USAA

Day Two - Tuesday, 30 June  

0800 – 0845 US ET (1200-1245 GMT / 1300-1345 BST / 1400-1445 CEST)
Navigating Digital Documentation Regulations and Compliance
The 2019 European Union Directive on e-invoicing in public procurement set in motion increased obligations for contracting authorities and entities to receive and process electronic invoices compliant with the European Standard. Organisations continue to navigate the tools, rules and complexities necessary to be in compliant with the directive and solve the added complications stemming from Brexit going into effect.  This directive established the precedence for governing bodies to set further digital documentation requirements.  Shared Services organizations can prepare a wave of new regulations by advancing their digitization.   

Essentials elements of digital documentation:
  • Effectively defining requirements for both the creator and receiver of documents
  • Detailing workflow to highlight automation possibilities
Presenter:  TBD
0900 - 0945 US ET   (1300-1345 GMT / 1400-1445 BST / 1500-1545 CEST)
Stress Testing Your F&A Processes - Augmentation through Outsourcing
Does invoking BCP invoke visions of facing insurmountable exception queues?  Has alternate working situations highlighted gaps between your human and digital assistant processes.  Automation may not be the only answer to getting through spikes in workloads and the turbulent business cycles being faced globally.

Examine how outsourcing can provide:
  • Flexibility in staff augmentation in roller coaster business cycles
  • Support during BCP execution
  • A means to keep the lights on while teams escalate automation plans 
Presenter:  Name, Title, Company
1000 - 1045 US ET (1400-1445 GMT / 1500-1545 BST / 1600-1645 CEST)
RPA plus AI: Steps to Cognitive Automation Success
Advancing the automation continuum is on the agenda for many organizations in 2020.  Respondents to SSON’s annual survey indicated the top 3 intelligent automation tools their organizations are planning to integrate are intelligent chat bots, artificial intelligence and OCR/machine vision.  Successful cognitive automation is dependent on construction of a roadmap that includes technology evaluation, implementation standards, management & operations procedures and optimizing & scaling planning.   

Construct your cognitive automation strategy by:
  • Identifying the elements of problems best suited for RPA vs AI
  • Evaluating RPA adoption results as an input to AI planning 
  • Incorporating the needs and inputs from business users, process experts and developers
Presenter:  TBA 
1100 - 1145 US ET   (1500-1545 GMT / 1600-1645 BST / 1700-1745 CEST)
Innovating Procure to Pay with Integrated Automation

The automation landscape in the Procure to Pay (P2P) space has expanded greatly with the progression of electronic invoicing, knowledge management, iOCR, automated payables to contract reconciliation and vendor portals.  These solutions now provide a conduit for digitizing work from the start to reduce errors and improve quality throughout the end-to-end process.  This plethora of tools requires fine-tuned orchestration of applications and providers to alleviate disjointed systems resulting in broken hand-offs between applications. 

Innovate your P2P processes by: 
  • Designing seamless integration into your workflow 
  • Developing outcome oriented metrics based on end-to-end results

1:00 - 11:45 US ET
Climbing the Mountain to Data Readiness 
Respondents to SSON’s annual survey indicated their second greatest priority for data is to drive more structured data inputs thru conversions including OCR and Computer Vision.  When asked about the current state of their data readiness 59% of survey participants indicated their organizations are at a basic level (primarily descriptive, focused on historic trends, limited to traditional business intelligence tools).  What is holding shared services back from climbing the data mountain?  According to the survey results, it’s the silo mentality in organizations that limited access and sharing.

Reach the top of data readiness by:
  • Training staff in data literacy
  • Putting standardized rules in place for processing data from disparate source and external networks
  • Develop competencies to deliver real time, predictive capabilities for integrated datasets
Presenter:  TBA

Day Three - Wednesday, 1 July  
COVID-19 Focus Day - Exploring the Priorities Emerging Among Companies' Financial Leaders 

0900 - 0945 US ET   (1300-1345 GMT / 1400-1445 BST / 1500-1545 CEST)
Panel: Effective Leadership in Times of Crisis
The finance function is facing what is possibly the biggest era of transformation in its history. Process automation, enterprise digitization agenda and an ongoing need to protect assets and manage costs, are putting significant pressure on finance professionals. Coupled with remote working as the new normal, there is added complexity to ensure the right systems and processes are in place to navigate such unexpected change. Attend this session and hear how CFOs and finance leaders need to consider how they should be planning for the future of their function.

AJ Wijesinghe, Vice President of Shared Services, Univar Solutions 
Dave DeFreitas, Controller - North America & CFO Mining & Power Finance, Caterpillar 
    1000 - 1045 US ET (1400-1445 GMT / 1500-1545 BST / 1600-1645 CEST)
    Panel: Finance Leaders Emergency Response Actions to COVID-19  
    As the COVID-19 crisis heightens by the day, finance leaders need quick insight to ensure they are making the right decisions and executing the necessary steps for their organizations. During this interactive panel, attendees will hear how finance executives are tackling some of the toughest challenges to minimize downside impact on the business. 

    Learn how to stay ahead during turbulent times by: 
      • Making transformational enhancements to capabilities around budgeting, decision support and cost reduction
      • Providing proactive, strategic and operational insights that help drive enterprise-level value creation
      • Conditioning the organization for change 
    Presenter:  TBA

    1100 - 1145 US ET (1500-1545 GMT / 1600-1645 BST / 1700-1745 CEST) 
    Finance Automation as the Silver Bullet of Resiliency
    Yesterday’s BCP principles have, in the face of COVID-19, proven not effective enough for finance organizations operating at the forefront of digital transformation. Finance automation, now, more than ever, must play a key role to reduce dependency on physical locations/humans. During this session, attendees will learn how one company is evolving their current automation landscape to an integrated and connected automation ecosystem.
    Presenter:  TBA
    1145 – 1200 US ET (1545-1600 GMT / 1645-1700 BST / 1745-1800 CEST)                                
    Chairwoman’s Conference Closing Remarks 
    Join in as our Chairwoman shares her key takeaways and highlights from the conference
    Conference Chair:  Rochelle Hood, Global Head of Customer Analytics and Research, SSON

    Delia Dragon

    Delia Dragon

    COO Global Business Solutions Kuala Lumpur and Associate Director – Order to Cash

    Eli Lilly Asia Pacific

    David  DeFreitas

    David DeFreitas

    Group CFO - Corporate Services

    Caterpillar, Inc.

    AJ Wijesinghe

    AJ Wijesinghe

    Vice President of Shared Services

    Univar Solutions

    Kathleen Maley

    Kathleen Maley

    Senior Director, Head of Consumer Analytics


    Craig Libby

    Craig Libby

    Formerly Head of Enterprise Third Party Risk Management Data Analytics, Reporting and Quality Monitoring


    Michael Lomax

    Michael Lomax

    Senior Executive, Global FinTech Success


    Rochelle Hood

    Rochelle Hood

    PMP, Global Head of Customer Analytics and Research


    Jill Barnes

    Jill Barnes

    Sr. Manager AR & Treasury Operations

    Ardent Mills

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