Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-Conference Workshop

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Workshop A | The Next Step After Finance Automation

Ashish Maheshwari - Chief Financial Officer, Aetna
Businesses are at different levels of maturity in terms of automation. It is crucial for organisations to start looking ahead. Organisations now face the challenge of bringing automation to the next level by integrating cognitive capabilities like optical character recognition (OCR), business intelligence (BI) and many more into their digital footprint. Adoption of cognitive technologies is not to replace workers but to help them perform their jobs better.  Let us explore the next phase of the digital race.
  • Understanding critical elements needed to facilitate smooth implementation of cognitive technologies
  • Identifying the infrastructural and skillsets critical to the success of a pilot project 
  • Developing a practical strategy to integrate cognitive technologies with legacy systems and infrastructure
  • Avoiding potential pitfalls in cognitive project implementation
  • Setting clear benchmarks, KPIs and parameters for project evaluation

Ashish Maheshwari

Chief Financial Officer

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Workshop B | Migrating to a Cloud Platform – Planning Session

Cloud technologies are available, and the benefits of adopting cloud technologies are known. Cloud platforms enable real-time information and allow access to users anytime and anywhere. The ability to harness real-time information will allow decision-makers to react to situations promptly. However, concerns with security, cost and know-how hinder the transition to cloud platforms. This workshop will help you develop your cloud migration strategy.
  • Designing a penetration test to ensure cyber risk are reduced to a minimum
  • Exploring the various deployment methods and environment to find the best for your organisation
  • Integrating legacy systems to the cloud platform and achieve a seamless operation