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The role of finance has therefore evolved.Finance leaders are now expected to play a more strategic role in businesses by creating added value and influencing business decisions beyond traditional and manual finance processes. Finance leaders must now cleverly harness technology ...

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Deconstructing Data And Its Financial Implications

The value of data and data-driven analytics is no secret to anyone in a financial role, or even anyone working closely with finance personnel.But equally important is data management—knowing what type of data is suitable for specific purposes and how to handle such data can increase operational efficiency by leaps...

Future of Finance Asia 2020 Visual Analytic Workbook (VAW)

The reinvention of the Finance function is in progress. According to a survey of more than 60 Finance leaders across Asia by the SSON analytics team, the Finance function will see huge changes in terms of the value proposition, functional scope and technologies leveraged by professionals. In the following pages,...

TECH IT FURTHER: The role of digitisation in the future of finance in Asia

Like most other industries, finance has seen significant transformation thanks to technological advancements, and will no doubt continue to evolve along the same path in the future.We spoke to Indo Rama Corporation CFO Jayanta Chatterjee on the role of digitisation in the future of finance in Asia, which covers the...

Why Finance Stands to Gain from Strategic Transformation

Strategic transformation is being acknowledged by an increasing number of businesses as crucial for long-term success, often motivated by threats from competitors, stagnating growth, financial crisis, or promising trends and opportunities. But what is strategic transformation and why is it so important? Read on to find out!

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