Dr Yanyong Thammatucharee

Chief Financial Officer Leadway Heavy Machinery (LHM)

Dr. Yanyong Thammatucharee leads the organisational changes within Leadway Heavy Machinery (LHM) for future growth and sustainability in the heavy machinery industry. Yanyong gained vast experiences from various businesses and roles ranging from professional work to senior management in manufacturing, trading and marketing companies, namely PwC, BTS, Emerson Electric, Panasonic, and Central Marketing Group. He was a guest writer for the Nation and is a business book author, in both Thai and English. His interest is in research and developing new concepts in the field of organizational development.

Agenda Day 2

Saturday, January 2nd, 2021

11:20 AM People | Roundtable B | Integrating “Humans” and “Technology” for Technology Success – Bots & Brains

  • Embracing the concept of “co-working” in the rapidly changing organisation environment
  • Defining the next generation of high-diversity, high-performance digital workforce to build a solid foundation ready for Finance  5.0
  • Equipping employees with new skills and competencies needed for the digital workforce

3:40 PM Achieving Service Excellence Through “ControllerFOCUS” Concept and Action Value Approach

  • Developing an online service application to foster trust and brand loyalty – the original idea, development and obstacles
  • Overcoming challenges to achieve finance-driven service excellence
  • Implementing the ControllerFOCUS concept to improve internal customers’ satisfaction and foster collaboration in achieving strategy execution

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Dr Yanyong.

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