Strategies for overcoming the challenges ahead and transforming the way we work forever

The world of work will never be the same again - COVID-19 has seen to that. This global pandemic, while devastating in its human and economic disruption, is also proving to be the catalyst for a change in business strategy and innovation not seen in a generation.

The future of work is now one of the hottest topics on the agenda for every organisation, from start-ups to multinational conglomerates. Business leaders from GBS & Shared Services, Transformation, Strategy, and others are now having to evolve from the initial disruption of the pandemic and look to the long-term strategies and business practices that are here to stay.    

From the transformation of the workplace, and what that will look and feel like in a virtual/hybrid model, to the implications of an increasingly digital workforce, right through to the culture and leadership that will be needed to steer these organisational changes, the Future of Work Summit is the place to hear the most up-to-date insight and discussion on what the future holds for business and what’s needed to succeed in it. 

Featured Speakers

Join our speakers and your peers to hear about the following key themes and topics:

Discovering how GBS can drive innovation and deliver workforce transformation throughout the entire organisation  

Understanding the new hybrid models that will define the future of the workplace and the collaborations that will enable this 

Building long-term resilience into an organisation to enable a change of culture and leadership that will redefine the future of work not just for business but wider society 

Redesigning the talent management structure and embracing the gig economy to transform the very nature of assigning work to where it is most needed 

Transforming finance operations and embracing innovation for the future of work 

Digitalising HR and leveraging data to empower employees 

Breaking down silos within different functions to deliver exceptional employee experience

Deploying automation to transition from jobs to skillsets and reskill the workforce of tomorrow