Stefan Gass

CMO and Head of Growth Starmind

Stefan is CMO and Head of Growth at Starmind. Understanding the journey a customer takes, digitally and physically, drives Stefan's curiosity and leadership. Business transformation through cloud and digital was on his radar early on when he was part of the leadership team in Seattle that launched Microsoft's first cloud product. BCG formed his strategic thinking, Oracle his commercial drive, and two hypergrowth companies his digital leadership. Today he leads international teams at breakthrough technology companies guiding their Go To Market strategy.

Agenda Day

Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

1:00 PM Keynote Panel: Driving workplace transformation and innovation through people, process & technology

The rise of robots and machine intelligence are leading us into the new reality of work where digital workforce plays an increasing role in productivity and efficiency. As the future of work is undeniably closer than before, companies need to start strategising their future of work approach holistically from people, process and technology perspectives. Industry experts are invited to join this keynote panel to share their views on both long term strategies and short term initiatives to help you shaping your future of work: 

• What does future of work look like post COVID-19? 

• Reinventing productivity and innovation through digital workplace

• From efficiency to experience: Driving customer and employee experience through workplace innovation

• Transformation goes beyond technology: Leading your people through the change

3:00 PM Workplace transformation & innovation using human-centered AI technology

The velocity of change has reached new heights in 2020. The way we work has reactively evolved to meet business continuity needs. Workforce planning, corporate culture’s integrity and seamless team collaboration are being challenged not only to withstand this test of endurance but thrive through it. To strategically navigate these challenges, organizations must augment their workforces with human-centered technology that facilitates a culture of knowledge sharing, provides insight into employee skills and capabilities and enables data-driven decision making.

Starmind will demonstrate how you can empower your employees to dramatically increase productivity by: 

• Fostering and sustaining a culture of knowledge-sharing facilitated by human-centered technologies

• Augmenting employee intelligence by providing instant access to collective company intelligence 

• Increasing agile decision making with instant access to data and analytics 

• Building a centralized knowledge base for collective intelligence

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Stefan.

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