04 - 06 August, 2020 | Digital Conference

Artificial intelligence, remote teams, the gig economy and consumerization of HR; are just a few of the factors which represent the shifting sands of HR shared services. In fact it’s no stretch to say that we’re in revolutionary times. With external challenges such as Covid-19, internal pressures from stressed employers and the introduction of intelligent technology, HR is under pressure like never before. However with crisis also comes opportunity. The opportunity to create an agile workforce, fast-forward digital transformation and provide flexibility to your workforce with remote working.  These are just some of the topics we’ll be covering online at the 2020 HR Shared Services Transformation Digital Summit.

JUST ADDED - Future of Work Day - 6 August

As well as two days of exciting presentations and panels, we’re introducing a “Future of Work” focus day for the first time. According to SSON’s COVID-19 survey data, over a third of respondents believe that they will accelerate initiatives to reduce delivery dependency on people and physical locations, while 31% see themselves more aggressively designing and implementing Future of Work concepts, potentially rethinking employment as a workforce management concept. This gives us the opportunity to deep dive into topics such as: enabling automation and artificial intelligence adoption, rethinking employment models for the gig economy and planning for future talent needs.

Human Capital Analytics In Practice

Digital HR Transformation: Bots, AI And Self-Service

Personalizing HRSSC For Better Employee Engagement

Remote Working Hacks To Ensure Productivity, Communication And Engagement

The Future Of Work: Skills, Gig Workers And Tech

Showcasing World Class HR Transformation Journeys

Day One - 4 August
10:00 – 10:45 EST (15:00 – 15:45 BST)
Consumerising HR Shared Services to Increase Employee Engagement
It may seem like a tall order when there is so much else going on, but a focus on improving employee experience is a task that pays dividends many times over. Whether it’s creating a more efficient end-to-end process, embedding self-service software or finding a way to tailor services to suit your customers; the impact of these initiatives on talent management, retention and employee wellbeing is far reaching. In this session we talk about how you can achieve that whilst still meeting cost saving and productivity targets.
  • Taking CX processes from external to internal customers
  • How to create value and impact within your HRSSC
  • Creating a service mind-set that’s proactive not reactive
Dharani Subramaniam, Director, HR Technology, Transformation and Shared Services, Ford Motor Company

11:00 – 11:45 EST (16:00 – 16:45 BST)
Bristol Myers Squibb Case Study: Centralising Employee Relations For Improved EX
In the last couple of years, BMS People services have taken a huge step up the value-chain by integrating employee relations management into their Hr Capability Centres. This has enabled their team to handle high-value and sophisticated tasks such as team conflict, coaching, conduct management and grievances. The result has been improved employee experience globally and increased data analytics visibility of employees across the business. In this session, project leader Loretta Smith, talks us through how they did it including upskiling BMS People services staff, evolving the business partner role and the data analytics they were able to create.

Loretta Smith, HR Strategy and Operations, Bristol Myers Squibb

Day Two - 5 August

09:00 – 09:45 EST (14:00 – 14:45 BST)
Panel Discussion
Adapting To A Remote Workforce: Productivity, Engagement And Communication
In 2020 many of us were catapulted into remote working with little or no notice, whilst some organizations thrived on the challenge others found themselves coming up short. In this panel we discuss how HR shared services can adapt to a remote workforce, the opportunities it presents and how to maintain the standards you’ve worked so hard to build up.
  • Adapting your HRSSC to a remote workforce
  • Tools and technology that can assist in remote working
  • Maintaining productivity and quality of work
  • Keeping teams engaged and committed
Teresa Michelena, Director HR Shared Services Europe, Mastercard
Minna Naumanen, Former Director Global HR Projects and Roadmaps, Cargotec

10:00 - 10:45 EST (15:00 - 15:45 BST)
Accelerating Business Value with HR Benchmarks
In top performing organizations, each HR service center employee is able to service up to 2500 employees. To do so, enabling technologies, best practices and an understanding of top performance is critical. During this session, SSON Analytics will highlight the latest trends in HR Shared Services Organizations and take you through a benchmarking exercise to see how you stack up against your peers by industry and location.

Presenter: Naomi Secor, Global Managing Director, SSON
Brought to you by: SSON Analytics

11:00 – 11:45 EST (16:00 – 16:45 BST)
Digital HR Transformation: Analytics, CX and Enabling Technology
Within the midst of the digital revolution, top tier HR shared services are reimagining the services they deliver to the organization whilst simultaneously improving how they operate. In order to compete, your focus needs to be on three areas; improved employee experience, digitization of HR services and insightful analytics.  Hear one firm’s story on how they found the perfect balance and the impact of this digital revolution on their organization.

Presenter: Piotr Andryszak, Director HR Services Europe, Signify 

Future of Work Focus Day - 6 August
Preparing HR Shared Services For Tomorrow’s Workforce

The “Future of Work” is having an enormous impact on HR Shared Services. The model is being reconfigured by the impact of two major trends: automation and the increased demand for “value-added” services.  While some organisations are choosing to plug the skills-gap with robots, others are choosing to employ gig workers or re-skill their existing staff. What’s not an option is to wait and see.  With this in mind SSON have created a focus day to answer your questions on the “Future of Work” and help establish what remains to be done within your organization to leverage the opportunities of a digitized future. This focus day is designed to be interactive, so come armed with questions for our panel of experts!

09:00 – 09:45 EST (14:00 – 14:45 BST)
Rethinking FOW Models For Enterprise Resiliency 
In the last year future-of-work has gone from a trendy initiative to the only way of operating, it’s importance magnified for its ability to achieve today’s most critical corporate imperative; enterprise resiliency. But what does a FOW strategy look like? And what must it deliver? In addition to creating a resilient model, its tenets must redefine employee experience, support new capabilities, foster a different sense of community, integrate the use of automation, and be agile. Phew! In this session our speakers discuss how to make this happen looking closely at:
  • The four dimensions any GBS needs to attack when building  FOW strategy
  • Driving a new dynamic, agile and resilient culture
  • Designing an effective FOW program
Deborah Kops, Founder, Liberty Source
Rob Bradford, VP Global Business Services, Zimmer Biomet

10:00 – 10:45 EST (15:00 – 15:45 BST)
Opportunity Marketplaces: Rebalancing Your Workforce With AI
In 2018, in response to attrition and a demand for more career opportunities, Schneider launched it’s open talent market,
which uses AI to match employees with short-term projects, stretch assignments, side gigs, full-time roles and mentors.
At the time, the initiative was instrumental in building better retention, but in 2020 it’s become absolutely vital in their
efforts to re-balance workloads amidst the Covid-19 crisis. In this session, their VP Talent Digitization discusses:
•             Using AI to match supply and demand for talent across the business
•             Re-distributing workloads to respond to the current crisis and future agility needs
•             Using AI and data analytics to create employee opportunities and deliver Schneider’s strategic objectives

 Andrew Saidy, VP Talent Digitization, Employer Branding & University Relations, Schneider Electric

Chairman’s Take-Away’s
End of Conference

Dharanidharan Subramaniam

Dharanidharan Subramaniam

Director, HR Technology, Transformation and Shared Services

Ford Motor Company

Andrew Saidy

Andrew Saidy

HR & Digital Transformations Leader

Seagate Technology

Deborah Kops

Deborah Kops


Sourcing Change

Piotr Andryszak

Piotr Andryszak

Director, HR Services Europe


Rob Bradford

Rob Bradford

Vice President Global Business Services

Zimmer Biomet

Loretta Smith

Loretta Smith

HR Strategy and Operations, EMEA Lead Employee Relations

Bristol Myers Squibb

Teresa Michelena

Teresa Michelena

Director, HR Shared Services Europe


Minna Neumann

Minna Neumann

Former Director Global HR Projects and Roadmaps


Naomi Secor

Naomi Secor

Global Managing Director

Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON)

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