Main Conference Day Two, May 20th, 2020

Join HR industry veterans as they share insight on unique challenges and benefits small and medium

size enterprises face within HR Shared Services. Discussion includes:

• Key drivers for setting up a Shared Services Center

• Biggest challenges for faced after implementation and how to overcome them

• Greatest successes and how SMEs ultimately measure success


Kathleen Bienkowski

Independent Consultant; Former Associate Vice President, Research Administration Shared Services
Emory University


Carme Lewis

Senior Director, HR Shared Services
Amy's Kitchen


David Monica

Senior Manager, HR Shared Services
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals


Kris Pontious

Manager - HR Shared Services
Black Hills Energy

2:30 pm - 3:15 pm Alleviate Pain With Answers: How Zimmer Biomet Built An Employee Call Center In 48 Hours

Thornton Guthrie Jr. - Regional HR Shared Services Manager, Zimmer Biomet

Alleviate pain and improve the quality of life for people around the world. That’s ZimmerBiomet’s mission. It speaks to

the solutions they provide for patients, but it also shines through in the service they provide their workforce. In the

wake of COVID-19, employees rushed to HR with questions and concerns. Thornton Guthrie, Regional HR Shared

Services Manager, had to find a way to ease their worries with answers while preventing the workload from

overwhelming his frontline HR staff. In this presentation, hear how he got a dedicated HR call center up and running

within 48 hours.


Thornton Guthrie Jr.

Regional HR Shared Services Manager
Zimmer Biomet

3:15 pm - 4:00 pm How AI, Data Analytics and Cloud Technologies are Changing the Role of HR Shared Services, Opening Doors and Bringing Performance to the Next Level

Jim Hankins - Executive Director HR Shared Services, UC Davis

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are hardly new technologies – They’ve been successfully

used to power marketing algorithms for Years. But the application of AI to Shared Services and the

understanding of organizational readiness to take action based on AI insights are still in the nascent –

and about to take off – stage. Is your organization equipped and prepared to take action on next level


This session will dive into the topic of how data analytics and next level insights are increasing the value

and changing the role of HR Shared Services.

Topics include:

• Implementing the Technology to Leverage AI and Machine Learning

• Quick Wins with Data Access and Reporting

• Advanced Data Mining & Next Level Insights

• The Importance of Organizational Readiness in Moving from Insights to Action

• Next Level Insights and the Changing Role of HR Shared Services


Jim Hankins

Executive Director HR Shared Services
UC Davis