Earl Barron

Director, HR Information Systems Autodesk

Earl Barron leads the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) team which includes ASL HR, HR Technology, Continuous Improvement & Workforce Insights. Earl and his team recently launched the new ASL H platform in over 40 countries, which is the first step in delivering a “consumerized” experience to employers via a single source for all HR inquiries, transactions & system support.

Pre-Conference Workshops: October 21, 2019

Monday, October 21st, 0019

8:30 AM Workshop A: The Benefits of Lift & Shift: Examining the Benefits & Challenges of Upskilling Versus Outsourcing

Before an official HRSSC launch, it goes without saying that an SSO model must be determined. This can be an arduous process, but it has arguably the greatest
impact on all decisions moving forward. Autodesk - a $2 billion company - over the course of 2 years time, implemented 3 SSCs in the US alone. The big question
was whether to keep their organization captive and invest in upskilling their entire shared services employees, or outsourcing the center and dealing with a new
employee universe. While in the end they went with a captive model, it was a close call. In this workshop, the architects of the HRSSO build will walk through that
decision-making process, including:
• The pros and cons they determined for each model
• The career paths they created to make their center attractive to internal talent
• What they put into their RFP and what they were looking for in an outsourcing partner
• Why they decided to keep a captive model and what might have turned the tide towards outsourcing instead
Speaker Presentation – 30 Minutes
Earl Barron, Sr. Director Digital Employee Experience, AUTODESK
Divide Three Groups for Upskilling Exercise – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced - 45 Minutes
Presentation Of Group Business Plans – 20 Minutes
Speaker Wrap up- 10 Minutes

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