Your industry has transformed, and we're transforming with you.

While outsourcing is still a significant piece of the shared services puzzle, it's only one piece of a greater transformation the shared services industry is bringing to HR.  
    For years many businesses have looked at HR as an expense rather than a value creator. Today’s employees are demanding more from their employers and perceptions of HR are fast changing. According to Forbes, 75 percent of the workforce in 2020 will be made up of millennials and so a new kind of talent war is on! HR processes will need to keep up in order to attract and retain millennial talent and stay ahead of the competition. HR deserves a seat at the transformation table, join HRSS 2020 to learn how to transition your HR team from being reactive and transactional to strategic and a driving force for enhanced business results.

    Key features for this year’s HR Shared Services agenda includes:
    • Employee Self-service: Transforming mindsets for enhanced HR Service Delivery
    • Gaining Clarity and Control over End-to-End Business Processes: Getting your facts and data straight and adjusting your messaging to your CFO and CAPEX Board members
    • Centralization and Optimization: Making centralization a priority along with optimizing current systems
    • Payroll and Benefits: Learn about the benefits of centralizing payroll and benefits along with taking the next steps into self-service and automation.
    • Design Thinking for HR: Learn how the design thinking methodology can be integrated into your SSC
    • Change Management: Gaining fundamental leadership competency along with learning from other HR Shared Services professionals on how they have managed company wide change
    • Agility: Learning from others on how they became agile and what they achieved by being able to quickly react to their company’s needs
    • HR Automation: Hearing what you need to have in place in order to achieve automation along with establishing if technologies such as RPA and Machine Learning are right for you.

    Powerhouse Speakers to Inspire Your Future