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2020 Event Guide: 27th HR Shared Services Transformation Summit

Take your HR Shared Services Center to the next level this year.

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Past Attendee List: HR Shared Services Transformation Summit

Take a look at the industry leaders who attended the 25th HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit in 2019.For a copy in your inbox, please e-mail:

Current Attendee List

Take a look at who has already signed up to attend the 27th Annual HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit. Will you be joining them?

Justify Your Trip to HR Shared Services Transformation

We want to help you get the thumbs up to attend HR Shared Services Transformation 2020!We’re back and more excited than ever! And we know you are too. We get that management sometimes says that they don’t understand the importance of attending “yet another HR conference,” or attending the same...

Agile & Design Thinking

Design Thinking for HR Shared Services eBook

From start-ups to public companies, employees are demanding the same quality of service at work as they do as a consumer. As a result, high-performing companies are looking to create meaningful and memorable employee experiences.By leveraging Design Thinking techniques, HR SSO leaders can develop an in-depth understanding of what makes...

Agile for HR Shared Services

2019 HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit speaker Sanjeev Sahgal, Director of HR Shared Services at The World Bank, explains how his organization used agile to optimize processes, boost customer satisfaction and increase adaptability to change. Download this piece to find out:What "Agile" means and how it can be applied...

Industry Reports

Interactive Report: Analytics & Workforce Management to Elevate the HR Function in 2020

Traditional workforce management is coming up short in today’s job market, where unemployment rate is at a historic 50 year low. Competition for skills and talent is acute as companies grapple with digitalization. Pressure is mounting on the HR function to embrace digital innovation in order to better support business...

Next Generation HR Shared Services: What does the best practice HR Service Delivery Model look like?

In this day and age, the Shared Services landscape is constantly evolving due to technological disruptions, merger & acquisitions, increasing expectations to provide more value to their customers.This interactive report focuses on how HR can be transformed to be a key partner to the business:Showcase the current operating model of...

The State of HR: Top Challenges, Priorities, & Trends Heading Into 2020

The HR Exchange Network editorial team went to the HR community to get answers to these questions.  Included within its pages are the results of our latest survey with analysis around its findings.  Additionally, HR professionals from Allstate, Allegion, AdventHeatlh and Akebono Brake weigh in on the data and give...

U.S. Shared Services Centers Trends in Talent and Technology

Take a look at this interactive report based on SSON's 2018 market report! Learn about the strategies and knowledge services from more than 180 shared services executives in this exclusive report.

Shared Services in North America: Millennial Talent, Digital Disruption & Customer Experience

Blending Q4 2017 data from 100+ North American Shared Services Centers, this report dives into the key themes of the upcoming  Summit. Flip through to find out more about Millennial Talent, Digital Disruption and Customer Experience in North American Shared Services Organizations (SSOs).

Trends in HR SSCs: Current Enablers of Knowledge-Based Work and the Future of Automation

Data from surveys sent out to HR professionals in shared services and insights from our IAU Market Report have been blended to tackle questions on automation in HR. This includes its current impact on SSOs, and 2 emerging technologies in automation: machine learning and the internet of things.

Exclusive Content

A Collection of Presentations from 2019

In preparation for the 27th HR Shared Services Transformation Summit, we wanted to share these exclusive past presentations with you. Inside you will find expert content on:Case Study: Building Employee Experience into Your HRSS from the Get-Go Earl Barron, Sr. Director, Digital Employee Experience, AUTODESKCase Study: Tackling Turnover - Building...

SSON Report: How to Scale the Digital Workforce

Scaling automation successfully to transition to tomorrow's digitally-enabled enterpriseAccording to a recent survey, nearly 9 out of 10 global business leaders recognize the critical importance of adopting intelligent automation as part of their enterprise strategy over the next five years. In truth, there is no need to prove or defend...

Deloitte Reports

Minting the New Currency of HR: 2019 Insights

Just a few years ago, HR was primarily viewed as a support function—filling job openings, administering benefits plans, and ensuring compliance. Today, HR is considered a strategic adviser and works with management to drive bottom-line results. The principal difference between HR then and now: People analytics.Read through the report to...

HR Bots: The New Super Power

Every super hero seems to have a "special power." For the workforce of the future, could that power be bots?

Sustainable HR in an Age of Disruption

The relentless march of digital technology is transforming the competitive landscape and redefining both the work and workforce. New digital business designs demand new talent strategies, yet it feels as though HR is always behind, always in reactive mode, always fighting the last battle. How can you create sustainable HR...

Past Presentations

Design Thinking for HR Shared Services: Lessons Learned After Two Years

“Big black hole”, “no way to track cases”, “response depends on who you get”, “multiple manual forms and process flows with limited reporting capabilities”. If this sounds all too familiar, check out this case study from Chaitanya Jayanti as she shares their journey to tackle these challenges to increase overall...

ScottMadden Reports

SPECIAL REPORT: 10 Characteristics of Top Performing HR Service Organizations

HR services has emerged from the back office to play a significant role in supporting CEOs’ strategic imperative to optimize human resources. In its new role, HR services is no longer just about effective recruiting and career management, however, but about developing and supporting talent, ensuring it’s productive, and providing...

RPA in HR: Leveraging RPA to Enhance the Employee Experience

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is being used by many organizations as an innovative way to improve business performance and gain process efficiency. RPA is a technology solution that allows you to automate repetitive, rules-based processes through use of computer software. In our previous white paper, “RPA: Innovative Transformation Tool for...

VCU Health System: A Transformation of HR Services and Support

Healthcare organizations are faced with numerous human resources-related challenges, including talent acquisition, retention, and employee engagement, that are currently heightened issues in their industry. They also must address an extensive list of guidelines by The Joint Commission to ensure safe, high-quality care and service, in addition to complying with an...

Solution Provider Materials

Solutions Transforming HR Shared Services Organizations

Digital transformation is shaking up HR shared services organizations, pushing executives to source new solutions that will help transform their HR processes. We sat down with shared services leaders from companies like Advent Health and Lowes to ask what HR solutions they are looking to source that will advance HR...

Solution Providers Guide: SSON Event Series

Showcase your HR solutions at HR Shared Services Transformation Summit! HR Directors, VPs, and CHROs attend every year looking to meet with vendors and source new solutions that will accelerate their shared services operations. Whether you are looking to increase your brand awareness or generate new business, HR Shared Services...