Sudhir Kumar

Global Head of Payroll Nokia

Sudhir Kumar is heading Payroll Function globally at Nokia. Payroll is part of People Organization. Sudhir has been working in HR shared services for more than 10 years at Nokia. From a generalist human resources approach with HR transformation, he has extensively contributed toward creating a modern HR shared services organization at Nokia. Approach towards offering global value-added services and enhanced people experience & Digitalization has been an enriching experience during this evolution of HR shared services journey. Cultural nuances in different geographies also play an important role in our operations, he has learnt this by managing different Regional shared services centre in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-pacific including India and China. Sudhir has over 20 years of HR experience in telecom, software, professional services organization. With a Business Management qualification in Human Resources and Master’s in Psychology. He has been associated with Nokia, Bharti Airtel, Tata Consultancy and Willis Towers Watson.

Main Conference Day One: June 9, 2020

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

12:10 PM Panel Session: Centralizing Automated Payroll under HR for Streamlined Employee Experience

With the shift to a remote work world, the continued need for automated payroll is obvious. As companies automate their payroll processing, many discovered that shifting the functional oversight of payroll from finance to HR made a lot of sense. This session will focus on some of the benefits of automating payroll under HR. These include:

• Easier and faster payroll processing for HR shared services professionals working virtually

• Streamlined employee access to everything HR in one place

• Connectivity across HR functions with cloud solutions

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