Day Two

Join intelligent automation industry leader Agilify as they discuss how having the right people and technology can create good process discovery outputs. Organizations are always going to be focused on improving processes to drive higher ROI and efficiencies while lowering expenses. In this session you will learn from two of Agilify’s key practitioners on how they are helping our clients find process improvement opportunities that will impact key organizational measures.


Peter Tarrant

Product Design Architect


Brent LaRoche

Master Black Belt - Principal, Operational Excellence

Dave Wells

Head of Marketing

As RPA goes from a handful of bots to enterprise-wide, the impact on employees extrapolates. Questions such as: how do we plug the skills gap to enable full-scale automation, how to release capacity, how do you manage humans and bots side by side, are just some that spring to mind. In this expert panel we look at the human side of intelligent automation. Focusing on:

• Assessing and filling the skills-gap for wide-spread intelligent automation

• Working with stakeholders to help them realize their digital strategies

• Tips for getting employees on-side with RPA

• Humans and RPA working side-by-side


Shannon Sali

Global HR & Legal Innovation Lead
Deutsche Bank


Anna Alechno

Former Global Process Improvement and Automation Lead
IKEA, Europe


Terry Simpson

Technical Evangelist

Katie Spiers

Field Marketing Manager

According to SSON's most recent survey, process design, the future of work and continuous improvement are the three leading capabilities for the year ahead. Intelligent Automation technologies such as RPA, Machine Learning and AI are powerful enablers for growth, cost savings and value add. Knowing how your SSO/GBS is performing against other centers in key process areas – by industry and location – is key to identifying opportunities for improvement.

SSON Analytics recently surveyed our global members to update 120 core metrics. This new data is now available to subscribe at your fingertips.

During this session, attendees will hear highlights from SSON's 2021 State of the Industry Report with a focus on end-to-end processes and supporting technology adoption. They will also participate in a benchmarking exercise to find out firsthand how their SSOs are performing as they enter 2021 - and where their gaps are.


Barbara Hodge

Global Editor and Industry Analyst
Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON)


Naomi Secor

Global Managing Director
Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON)

2020 has rocked many industries. One which has been particularly hard hit is the BPO industry, with their reliance on location and people they’ve had their business models tested and in some cases proven inadequate. As BPOs look to pivot or re-build their businesses many of the smarter ones are turning to data to secure their position as value-added providers. While traditional transactional efficiency will maintain customer loyalty, the real opportunity for growth is within data and business critical insights.

A recent report by SSON and AntWorks emphasized flexibility, responsiveness and digital adoption as key to BPO survival. However that is by no means easy and poor data quality has emerged as one of the key barriers to digital transformation. Indeed data integrity is a crucial nut that organizations all over the world are trying to crack. That’s why SSON are delighted to share this webinar with you where AntWorks and WNS look at:

  • The opportunity for growth: Smart ingesting as a game-changer
  • Cognitive machine reading: Opening the door to digitization
  • Handling multiple data formats with a single platform to create faster and more accurate insight
  • The bottom line: Exploring hard business benefits for BPOs in a time where every penny counts


Adrian McKnight

EVP – Digital Transformation, Quality, Training and Transitions
WNS Global Services


Mike Hobday

Senior Vice President, Europe


Sameet Gupte