Day One

The traditional approach to RPA usually involves an automation expert coming in and advising what to automate and how to go about it. 

Not so for HP’s finance shared services who, took on a more creative approach with startling results. Not only did they get 800 shared 

service professionals excited to automate, but they did it in 6 months, during a global pandemic. In this session Rajeev Jain, VP Global 

Finance Operations shares their journey, focusing on:

• Gamification of the automation pipeline

• Collecting and de-mystifying tools to make democratization possible

• The pros and cons of citizen-led automation


Rajeev Jain

Vice President & Head of Finance Global Operations
HP Inc

Vipul Gupta

Digital Transformation & Change Mgt. Lead
HP Inc.

Ajay Singhal

Head, Strategy & Planning Finance Global Operations
HP Inc

10:00 am - 10:45 am EST The Next Wave of Intelligent Hyper-Automation for real-time service delivery

Gareth Hole - Director Robotics & AI, NICE
Krishnan Rajaram - AI/ML EMEA Lead, Amazon Web Services

In an era where customer needs have become more complex and unpredictable, embracing intelligent hyper-automation technology has become an essential component for enterprises today. By embracing more intelligent automation technology, such as attended automation, intelligent robotic assistants and machine learning, organizations can deepen their operational intelligence, agility and real-time responsiveness to a myriad of ever-changing customer needs and requests. 

In this webinar session we will unpack the following:

- The role of Hyper-Automation to build extraordinary customer experiences

- An exploration of the underlying technology via practical use case examples


Gareth Hole

Director Robotics & AI


Krishnan Rajaram

Amazon Web Services

11:00 am - 11:45 am EST Cognitive Process Automation and Process Discovery: Scaling Up Your IA With Eli Lilly

Prakash Narayanan - Automation Director, Eli Lilly

Cognitive automation is defined as a subset of AI technology that mimics human behaviour. It uses AI techniques to imitate the way a human brain works to assist in making decisions and completing tasks. At Eli Lilly it was just one of the many ways they scaled-up their use of automation. In this session, Global Automation Director, Prakash Narayanan talks about:

• Using IQ Bot for cognitive automation

• Process discovery and other ways to build an automation pipeline

• How Eli Lilly industrialized their intelligent automation and made it enterprise-wide


Prakash Narayanan

Automation Director
Eli Lilly

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm EST Lessons Learned from Decades of Continuous Transformation at P&G

Tony Saldanha - President, Inixia

When P&G launched one of the first and undeniably the largest and most complex shared service in the world, its leadership committed to ongoing evolution to ensure the organization continued to exceed expectations. Here are three key things we learn and P&G continues to apply . . . 


1. Running as a Business is a cornerstone strategy. It is not turnkey to implement, but without the investment, you will not optimize results. 

2. Shared Services , IT and Innovation cannot be mutually exclusive, here's why. 

3. There is a strategy for leadership buy in. 


Tony Saldanha