How to Succeed with Customer-Driven Business Transformation (Article)

How to Succeed with Customer-Driven Business Transformation (Article)

The relationship between customers and businesses is changing. As customers gain increasing power in their relationship with the companies that serve them, businesses must take action to revisit their current approach to the market. And, with the rise of disruptors that seek to challenge the status quo in almost every industry, legacy organisations need particularly take note. With insight with Kasper Uhd Jepsen, Danske Bank’s Head of Concepts & Insights, Transactions Banking, we explore how the 148-year old financial institution is using a customer driven strategy to cater to the customer of the future.

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·         Why the businesses in the Nordic region are lagging behind in the path to transformation

·         The impact of regulation in making traditional business models obsolete

·         The value of data analytics in discovering new ways to deliver value to your customers

·         What are the three key actionable steps to making a customer-driven strategy a success in your organisation


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