Managing Change within the Retained Organisation

Managing Change within the Retained Organisation

For organisations seeking to improve their operations, outsourcing has long been an effective plan of action.

With the ability to perform back-office processes with greater efficiency, at a lower cost and with a high level of functional expertise, outsourcing solutions often carry the promise of significantly boosting a businesses competitive edge.

However, in reality, the desired benefits do not always come to fruition.

The reason for this is that many organisations focus on the processes being moved to the outsourcing centre while neglecting to pay enough attention to the retained organisation’s operation and the significant change management initiative it must undergo.

We interviewed Octavian Cuntan, Business Transformation Director at Bombardier Inc where, he leads various projects of the organisation’s multi-year transformation that seeks to improve the efficiency, quality and customer experience of its operations.

Here we explore the Bombardier story as it transitions into the continuous improvement stage of its business transformation and discuss how the organisation has supported its retained organisation as it has outsourced a selection of their operations.

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