18-20 November, 2019
Sheraton Stockholm Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting Stockholm

After 3 days of inspirational keynotes, thought-provoking panel debates and industry-leading interactive discussion groups, why not explore what Stockholm has to offer.

The Venice of the North

Experience the beautiful city located on both the Baltic and lake Malar on the canals of Stockholm as you will pass various historical buildings, museums and beautiful green areas. Appreciate the breath-taking view of the Stockholm skyline – best seen from the water!

Architectural Highlights

The City Hall

Visit one of Sweden’s most renowned buildings famous for its distinctive pieces of art, grand ceremonial halls and the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet held annually in December.

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm has a historic ambiance of the highest standard. It is one of Stockholm’s three World Heritage Sites and renowned for Sweden’s best preserved royal palace built in the seventeenth century, domicile of the royal family.

The Vasa Museum The Vasa

A unique art treasure; is the only seventeenth century ship that has ever been salvaged and almost fully intact as more than 95 percent of the ship is original. It is strikingly decorated with hundreds of carved sculptures – it’s no wonder that The Vasa Museum is the most visited Museum in Scandinavia.


An international destination of expressive art, inspiring activities and good food – close to the city center, set on the Varmdo in the Stockholm Archipelago.

The Sound of Stockholm

Stockholm Concert Hall

A combination of architecture and arts – the Concert Hall is an essential part of any visit to Stockholm. Experience the sound of Stockholm in the historic building, home to the Nobel Prize Ceremonies and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

Photo source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_Concert_Hall


In need of a relaxed and cozy atmosphere? Situated near the Central Station, experience high-quality live jazz, soul and world music like no other! Fasching exploits the local and international talents to Stockholm, making for a great exploration of the local jazz scene.

ABBA The Museum

ABBA The Museum is far from what you’re envisioning… let your hair down and come along for an experience that invites you to sing, dance, mix music and try out virtual stage outfits. Take home with you a memorabilia of your performance and share with your friends and family!