18 - 19 February, 2020
Dubai, UAE

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RPA Benchmarking Survey 2019

As part of the 3rd Middle Eastern Robotic Automation and AI Forum we conducted a Middle East RPA Benchmarking Survey 2019, to gain in-depth understanding of technological developments from industry pioneers, influencers, implementers and disruptors.Download the Middle East benchmarking survey 2019 to find out results driving current shifts in the...

EY making customer interaction smarter

The rapid advancement of technology and changes in customer behavior are causing the industries of today to transform dramatically.This exclusive report by EY on how to make customer interaction smarter reflects how organizations in the retail, financial services and public sectors are using intelligent automation to drive efficiencies and use the resulting capacity to...

Realistic Performance Advancement or Clever Tagline

Download this report now to gain insight how the Middle East, governments and businesses are vaulting up the Shared Services “value” trajectory via robotic process automation.

The State of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise

In 2014, distinguished Oxford University philosopher, Nick Bostrom, released his book Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies. It hypothesises the potential impact on society if “machine brains” were to surpass that of a human, with the premise being that our destiny would be dependant on machine intelligence, and therefore out of our...

5 Reasons You Cannot Wait Any Longer to Add RPA to Finance Operations

While technology has been a primary enabler of performance in Finance, we have not yet seen it embraced as a modus operandi, as is happening with many of the new start-up businesses that have so quickly gained global prominence.However, with new, robotic-enabled automations making headlines, this is a moment that...

What You Need to Know About Keeping Risk Out of RPA

For many enterprises considering robotic process automation, security concerns are preventing action. More often than not, it's the IT department that's slamming on the brakes, concerned about the potential scenario of dozens of robots running amok across its systems.What’s real and what’s not when it comes to RPA & Risk?...

How to Manage Risk and Ensure Control – What to Look Out for in Robotic Process Implementation

For many enterprises considering robotic process automation, concerns around security are preventing action. More often than not, it's the IT department that is slamming on the brakes, concerned about the potential scenario of dozens of robots running amok across its systems. What’s real and what’s not when it comes to...


Overcoming the misconception of robotic process automation – Is it for your business?

Robotics Processing Automation is rapidly changing the way governments and leading business entities manage and process their essential transactional data. Download this report to discover the key drivers for RPA in the Middle Eastern regional market, as well as the top 3 misconceptions surrounding this emerging technology.

Where is the Middle East with RPA implementation?

With almost half of ME-businesses yet to implement any form of Robotic Process Automation, RPA is yet to gain significant traction in the region despite its clear and compelling benefits. Download our report now to gain insight into the state of RPA adoption in the Middle East along with potential...

From pilot to full scale - A comprehensive guide to the business transformation journey by UiPath

Are you preparing for an RPA roll out within your organization? Download this whitepaper by UiPath and EY advisory partner Mr. Vargha Moyed, head of the RPA Center of Excellence in Bucharest, to learn about the steps and the parameters decision makers need to consider to move from a pilot...


5 key trends in robotic process automation

Are companies in the Middle East approaching automation at the same rate as their western counterparts? To get a better idea of the RPA landscape, SSON surveyed senior shared services professionals to see how their companies are approaching automation. Download the infographic now.

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Kofax : RPA success story in banking.

A leading bank in the Middle East famous for adopting latest service innovations was looking for a solution that would allow its customers to capture an image and receive cheques from their smartphone and tablets, ultimately depositing the funds directly into their account. Download the report to find out the solution implemented, lessons learned and the benefits achieved.

3rd Middle East RPA and Intelligent Automation Forum - Booking Form

Interested in exhibiting at the event? Download the exhibition booking form and find out more about the exhibitor package, space available and rates before reserving your slot.

From RPA to Intelligent Automation

Farsighted companies are already recognizing the convergence of digital, intelligent process automation, analytics, machine learning and AI into new organizational models which exponentially leverage these capabilities. But the question remains, how and where to start? 

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Post-event report: 3rd Annual RPA & Intelligent Automation Middle East

Download the 3rd RPA and Intelligent Automation post-show report to find out more about all the action that took place on 19-20 February 2019 at the Meydan Hotel. Over 110 key decision makers in attendance, exchanging ideas and discussing future of RPA in the Middle East and much more.